Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Waterfall Fashion and Wildflower Pic-ing

For some time, I have been wanting to finish my waterfall dress, from fabric Mr. S. saw and liked (and bought) when we were in Hobby Lobby last year.

We arrived at the falls at 6 a.m. because we were on our way to another destination and we didn't want to interfere with the tourists around these falls. As it happened, there wasn't anybody about and we were able to take a couple of quick photos before we embarrassed ourselves  taking pictures of each other in front of other people 🙂

The only thing missing in these scenes was waterfall tea but I've never seen a teacup with a waterfall on it.  I will do better when it is time for the wildflower tea after I get the dress finished.

I can imagine you are saying, "Mrs. Sherman, there is no such thing as waterfall fashion," but my answer is: There is!! You can see it here!!! I know, because I made it up!! So, there you go!  And if you say, "No expert fashion designer has ever had a waterfall fashion," my reply is that they better get busy if they want to grasp the opportunity, but I do understand: there is so much scenery and so little time to keep up with it all.  

If only the dress looked as good on me as it does on the dress-form.

You can see the waterfall scenes on this fabric.

You see behind the dress Mr. S.'s oil painting of the mountain. He says I'll have to have to sew a mountain fashion to go with.

You have to be careful when laying out your pattern on a scenic print, as to where some of the scenes will go.  In this case, the water scene ended up right on my stomach, which wasn't flattering, but it is going to be one of my garden and house dresses, so not to worry. You can see in the waterfall picture where the lake lights up on the upper part of my tummy! However there was so little of this fabric ( I had to piece the back from scraps because we got the end of a bolt that apparently was not re-ordered)  I had to let it be as it turned out.

Here is the water scene and some of the flowers on this print.
 It was rainy and still a bit dark when we were taking photographs, so we aren't in the best light.  I'll be posting more photos as time allows.

Further on our drive we stopped for a walk among wildflowers, which looked like bouquets already arranged!

Costs: cotton scenery print fabric: 4 yards @ $4.00 p.y. $16.00
Thread $2.00
Zipper $2.00
Rick-rack trim $3.00
elastic for headband - 25cents
(plenty left over on the thread and trim for other projects)
Umbrella --new at Goodwill for $7.50

Total for dress: $23.00

Thank you to my Sponsors who donated so generously to make this dress and little outing possible!

Please check back to find more photos added here today, plus more of my commentary about wearing this dress yesterday.

My next project is a shirt for Mr. S. from this print at HL and maybe a dress, for our weekly "hours trip" to a certain location.

Luke 12:27
 Consider the lilies, how they grow: they neither toil nor spin,[a] yet I tell you, even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

More photos of the waterfall/wildflower print dress:


Paula said...

The dress goes beautifully with the scenery behind you- just perfect! What will you think of next?

Lydia said...

Trying to make the lighthouse fashion next but still completing the wildflowers dress. I had to stop and catch up with housekeeping today

Lydia said...

sorry I was using my iphone , which i'm not used to, and i deleted all the comments this morning!!

I added more pictures just now and though not too great, show the dress a bit better.

Gentle Mama said...

I just love this dress on you. It is my favorite design so far. The shape of the neckline, the shape and length of the sleeves, and the length of the dress is just perfect on you. You look so pretty and happy in this dress. God bless you. I enjoy all your posts. You are lovely inside and out.

Lydia said...

thank you; I'm going to try this one again in different fabric.