Sunday, May 19, 2019

Lawn Chairs for The Manse

The Adirondack chair seems to be uniquely eastern US but I have seen them in other countries. They were apparently created in 1903, and you can look up the history of the Adirondack chairs yourself.

Decades ago the wooden ones were very expensive and too heavy to transport easily so I was glad to see these. Now we common folk can have them.

This is a gift from someone far away. I told her I would post a photo of what she "got" me :-)  That's also a custom with Mr. S.  He gives me the money and tells me to go get something when his schedule gets too crowded :-)

They are a great addition to The Manse, where people drop by to talk, because now we won't feel like our legs are going to fall off while we stand on the porch and talk....and talk, and talk. 

The style has  made a comeback in vinyl, which makes it lightweight to move around, and waterproof;  perfect for this part of the country where the weather forecasters cannot even predict the downfalls. The furniture is lightweight enough that weak-wristed and weak arm people can move them around and store them, stack them, carry them, etc. They can also be repainted with a brand that adheres to plastic and vinyl.

I found these at a local farm supply store for $15.00 each and if they go lower in price, I am thinking about getting some more.  Hmmm....What about sewing a dress from a 1903 replica pattern to go with these chairs. What do you think? Those chairs make this old house look less abandoned. The lawn needs mowing but it is still raining but the chairs look good.

You can see behind the chairs the garden that has still not been weeded or planted, due to the torrents of rain and the cold, but I am quite happy to let it go and tend to the "hot spots" that have accumulated indoors.
The chair color seems to almost match the green trim on the window sills, but not quite. The chairs are more of a mint color, while the paint on the windows is  a sage green called "English Meadow."  

If we ever get a dry day, it will be nice to sit here and look out.

They also come in red and blue, plus some tans and wood colors, but the only ones left were these sage or mint green ones, which is just fine with me. 

Today I would like to thank my "sponsors" --those of you who donate a dollar or more, and also those who encourage me with their comments and their prayers. I hope I can continue to edify and encourage back to you, through this blog.

I am still hoping to talk to you with a video and formulating the talk in my mind so hopefully it will be here the next time you check in. 


Feminine Belle said...

I remember the old metal ones my grandmother had! They are being sold as vintage pieces now on the side of the road.

Yes, style something cute for those chairs. Perhaps bring out the plastic model and place and cup beside with some tea in it for good measure. ;-)

I'll read!!

lynn maust said...

I can imagine you and Mr. S. sitting there in the evenings...with tea and goodies to share.

Lydia said...

The old ones were a pain to move around so they stayed in one place the rest of their natural lives! These are easy to move when mowing the lawn. In the South you should be able to get the vinyl ones for under $10. It costs more to ship things out west

Lydia said...

I know someone who has the red ones and they look so fine. In spite of the style, these are very easy for old people to get in and out of, surprisingly 😊

Veggie Mom said...

If the paint starts to fade from the sun...or you just want to switch it up...they are easily spray painted with a formula made to adhere to plastic. (Easy to find Rustoleum and Krylon at walmart)