Monday, October 14, 2019

Homemaker Support: Each Day a New Start!

 Hello Ladies,

Please enjoy this video while you work. It is only 26 minutes long so you won't be able to do much but I hope to have a longer one next time.

At approximately 9 minutes you may notice the sound of the nearby train, Amtrack, which passes at this time every day. We live close enough to the tracks (but we are on not on the wrong side of the tracks, haha) to hear it each morning and night.

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Julel said...

I felt a little sad listening to your video today, as we do not have grandchildren and my lovely daughter in law is too ill now for it to be possible. So homeschooling will not be a future option for her either. However it does cheer me to listen to your comments whilst I am working. In just half an hour today I peeled two huge bags of carrots and made a huge pan full of carrot and coriander soup which I will be freezing for later this winter. This is a job I have been putting off for days,, so I am very happy to have it done now. Thank you.

Mrs. White said...

I appreciate all the effort you put into your videos. Your homemaking radio program is much needed. You always share such encouraging words. It is a blessing to many. God bless!

lynn maust said...

My really did get dark while you were giving us your almost disappeared! I enjoyed your topic for today....and also was glad it was short enough to watch and listen to while I ate my lunch. You were very good company!

Lydia said...

Dearest Lydia, Thank you for all your videos. I have done the ironing, folding, paused it and hung out washing, tidied drawers, dusted, put away dishes… I’ve also rested to your videos then I get the added pleasure of seeing your pretty face, hair, dress, makeup, smile and mannerisms. (Linda L)

I appreciate it, Linda, because I like to see these wonderful lists of things people get done, which I think makes life worthwhile!

Stacy said...

I love these videos! I enjoy each one and your sweet encouragement. Tonight as I listened, I rested and put in a few hand quilting stitches. Your videos are a blessing!

Liisa said...

I so enjoy these videos! As you mentioned it is so nice to have something to listen to while you work away. You are a real encouragement to me and I just find my mood lifted and my attitude a little sweeter after listening to you. Today while listening to this one I made some beef barley soup for our dinner as it is a rainy chilly day here in our little piece of Canada.

Willow said...

Thank you for making these videos Lydia - you have such words of wisdom. I really like the sections on how to deal with 'tricky' or negative people!

Hartslove said...

Hello Mrs. Sherman,

I enjoyed listening to you while I worked outside pruning two shrubs and bagging the cuttings. I think you mentioned the value in stepping back to pause and appreciate what we accomplish. Coincidentally, my calendar from Guideposts has an entry for each week, and I had just read the current entry that made the same point: if we take time to pause and look at the outcome of our work, we can gain satisfaction from it. The writer noted that in the beginning as God did the work of creating, He would look and note that it was good.

Thanks for taking time to share. I like that you speak to women in various seasons of life. I am more in the middle range, but the advice for younger mothers who spend days with small children is very wise and kind, as you show how to include the children while getting tasks done. When I was small, my grandmother sometimes let me polish the silverware or wipe the base of the wooden chairs and table-legs in the dining room using a soft dust cloth. I enjoyed it, and I didn't think of it as busywork.

Warm regards,

Alexine Hart