Saturday, October 12, 2019

Homemaker Support: Listen While You Work - Appearance at Home, Convenient Placement of Things in the Kitchen, Working Around Children, Other Things

Hello Ladies,

I hope you enjoy the video today!  Please be sure and leave a comment!

Here is the poem I was taking about in the video:

In My Nursery

by Laura Elizabeth Richards
(American 1850-1943)

In my nursery as I sit,
To and fro the children flit:

Rosy Alice, eldest born,
Rosalind, like summer morn,

Sturdy Hal, as brown as berry,
Little Julia, shy and merry,

John, the king, who rules us all,
And the baby, sweet and small.

Flitting, flitting, to and fro,
Light they come, and light they go:

And their presence fair and young,
Still I weave into my song.

Here rings out their merry laughter,
Here their speech comes tripping after:

Here their pranks, their sportive ways,
Flash along the lyric maze,

Til I hardly know, in fine,
What is theirs, and what is mine:

Can but say, through wind and weather:
They and I are wrought together.


Amish Heart said...

Enjoyed this! What did I do? Dishes done and chicken food ready to wagon out to feed the herd of them. I loved having my five children around when they were small, and homeschooled as well. Now I have grandchildren around. All are such a blessing. You know, sometimes you just don't know who is popping in in the morning. Always wise to start your day looking good.

mystical heart said...

Hi Lydia, i listened earlier today to this entire video on Youtube. I deep cleaned both of the microfiber sofas in our living room. I also gave the living room a good sweeping. I truly enjoy all of your videos. I often go back and watch your videos a second time since i enjoy them so much. Thanks to you i am taking a little more care w/my appearance and i'm enjoying it. God Bless have a gift for sharing. isabella.

mystical heart said...

Lydia, i cleaned the microfiber furniture in our living room; i also gave the living room a good sweeping all while listening to your video. I always eagerly look forward to your videos. You truly have a God-given gift for sharing. God Bless you. from Isabella.

Lydia said...

Hello Dear Lydia,
From my email:

You said our comments, “ Give you life.” Well, please know your home making videos give me a better more fulfilling life at home. You are a wonderful mentor and blessing to me, even though we have never met. I listened to the most recent video while I was preparing a batch of butternut squash soup. I also got some ironing done and laundry folded and put away. I love having you enter my home and keep me encouraged through these talks on YouTube. Please, please, please keep them coming!!!

Blessings from Holly in Wisconsin.๐Ÿ™‚

Sent from my iPhone

Lydia said...

Yes, Ladies if you are unable to post a comment, send an email! Its on the sidebar. I'll paste it in if you like, and if you don't I'll keep it private.

I love the lists you make of things you get done!!! It makes me feel more like getting something done around here, and as Emma said, "There is a grim job to be done!" Im referring to all those spaces that need attention at home and all the other things from correspondence to social things, etc. So much to keep you busy a lifetime!

Amelia said...

Lovely and entertaining video, loved your thoughts on little ones doing their little chores too. Oh how I miss those days of making cookies etc. with my four little girls. In the autumn we would always have our own little fall party with acorn cookies and I remember a reproduction eclectic reader we would read from near the woods on our property... The poem you posted reminded me of that. Very poignant memories to say the least. I remember my dad at that time coming to visit, (I just lost him two years ago) and he would always be so proud of his little granddaughters and the way we used our time wisely making things and learning, he would buy the girls classical music and creative things to make.

What did I do? I sorted my red beans and simmered the veggies and tofurky for my creole red beans soup with rice. I exercised a little bit on my eliptical and took the wastebasket contents out of the bathrooms. I put in a little laundry etc.

Blessings to you from the great state of Texas! : ) It's very encouraging to hear these videos and I appreciate them very much, thank you. ~Amelia

Laura Jeanne said...

Lydia, I haven't listened to the last few videos...I would like to, but I can't figure out how to listen while I am working in the kitchen. I don't have a cell phone. I think there might be a defunct one about that I might be able to use for this purpose. Wish me luck! :)

Marianne said...

Another very good video! Thank you for taking the time to record these. Today while listening I made beds , emptied the dishwasher , and sorted some laundry. Keep on keeping on, Lydia...

jeanannemarie said...

I love your videos. Today I put away summer clothes while I listened. I wish you were my neighbor, we have so much in common. It would be so nice to have tea with you.

Lydia said...

Jeanne Marie , Marriane, thank you. I love seeing your lists and it encourages me to get my work done too.

Tammy said...

Hello Lydia,
I love to listen to your videos while I work in the kitchen. Yesterday I was able to bake bread and bake a cake for my son's birthday with your cheerful company:) (If you have a stand-mixer with a bread hook, I have a simple way to make bread that I'd be happy to share as I remember that you like to make bread. I like it b/c I don't have to use a thermometer.)
Anyway, thanks again for encouraging me with your videos and have a lovely day!

ann said...

thank you for your videos, they encourage me a lot.
Also it is lovely to see your outfits and how pretty you always look. That colour pink suits you so much.
I have been folding my washing whilst listening to you.
I know how much work goes into getting ready for your videos but I always hope there are more.
Thank you so much. Ann

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Another Homemaking day made better because you shared your wonderful ideas and wisdom with me. I love to hear your pleasant voice and see your beautiful clothing and matching tea cups. I had a good chuckle when you shared the funny story about President Trump inspecting the border. ๐Ÿ˜I need to let you know how the Lord has used your talks to motivate me in my role as a keeper at home. The first thing I do is get dressed up in a skirt or dress that shows my respect for my wonderful calling of being a homemaker. I teach a small group of 8 homeschoolers American History in my home once a month, and they always notice how I am dressed. However, getting dressed up each day for the home really does make an incredible difference in my attitude and how I go about my day. You taught me that valuable lesson, Lydia! Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Holly in Wisconsin

Lydia said...

Holly I was looking for a rousing energetic political speech and what did I hear but more rebar!!!

Jaclyn Juliette said...

Hi Lydia! I just wanted to leave a comment to say you look absolutely radiant in these latest videos! Thank for your constant uplifting words and advice. - Jackie, NYC.

Adelaide said...

Hello Lydia,
Thank you for these lovely videos. I never thought about each State being its own country; this is so true - we are fortunate to have so many countries to visit in the US.
Yesterday I prepped 5 quarts of milk and cream with starter for yogurt, then put it in mason jars and into the sous vide to incubate while listening to you. Now it's ready to be strained over a bowl (greek yogurt, yum!).
Thank you for keeping me company.
You inspire me to meet the day with hair, face and clothes (and attitude) ready for anything - even to face those "grim job"s.

Laura Jeanne said...

Lydia, I finally listened to this video yesterday while I made supper - baked chicken legs, rice pilaf, salad and rolls. I really liked this video, and your rebar story made me laugh. :)

Lydia said...

Laura I forgot the President was in real estate development. I was thinking "whaaat? Rebar? I can't believe this!" while he was holding that metal pipe and telling the grade of metal, the weight, and how many strands of rebar per inch inside. I thought he was going to give a rousing inspirational political speech and I would hear every one yelling "USA USA" and I ended up listening to a boring description of REBAR, something that seems to follow me around!!!