Monday, October 28, 2019

Listen While You Work: Teacups for Lefties, Small Portion Eating, Keeping Your Interest, Conversation Tips, Those Special Meetings(!)

Hello Ladies,

I hope you enjoy this lively talk, but this is just my opinion, so,  always do what works the best for your own home. This video is designed to listen while you work at something.

Please do not forget to leave a comment!  Also, I am keeping a list of your requests and planning videos. Thanks so much.

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ann said...

hello. i enjoyed this video very much. I have also had someone attack me verbally without any idea of what their problem was and it is very unpleasant. i found that I felt ill and was so shocked that I could not respond at all. It took me a long time to feel better and unfortunately find it difficult to interact with this person now. I cannot just ignore them as much as I would like to .
I can not believe that anyone would be complaining about you as your kindness and happy disposition comes across in the videos.I find your voice easy to listen to and quite calming. Thank you for the time you take to make these videos. Ann

Lydia said...

Such unpleasantness and false accusation can debilitate ladies a home for days. It can really affect your function and enjoyment of the home. It is best to avoid such unnecessary disruption.

Lydia said...

Greetings Dear Lydia,

I missed hearing your voice of encouragement this past week, so I listened to past housewife videos. Now, I just finished listening to your recent video, and I wanted to let you know my thoughts...

I appreciate you continually directing us to submit our “to do” list to the Lord, putting Him first as we seek to do His will each day in our homes and families.

Secondly, I have often used the expression of: “Everyday is a celebration” around people I come into contact with. They will sometimes ask me why I am so dressed up. I simply say the same thing you quoted on today’s video!!🙂
Finally, my home has become my favorite place to be; thanks partly due to your motivating posts and videos through the years.

So thankful that God has given me another opportunity to express my gratitude, Lydia


Lydia said...

Thank you ladies. I now have a list of things my readers have given me, subjects to talk about, and I hope to begin talking about them soon.

gracielynn's said...

Oh , thank you for the video..
I had a instance with a friend at church. She offered to help me with a funeral dinner, which was wonderful, but from the moment she stepped into the room she was quarrelsome & or bragging :-) The other ladies there & I just smiled & said , Oh, did you? that was nice.
She is a huge gardener & really looks down on me because I don't have a garden every year.
LOL . I don't let that bother me. I said, you know last year we didn't put a garden in , but my daughter did & to help her with expenses I paid her so much a month for 4 months so she shared her veggies with us. It was a win win for both of us.( since our daughter needed the money I thought it was a great idea ) . Do you know that this lady actually wrinkled her face up at me & shook her head ! LOL (( she didn't say, oh that was nice, helped you both, bet she is good gardener ,OR anything nice at all !))
SO I had to tell her all of it. I said & yes, she even canned tomatoes for us ! :-) ! boy the nasty look I got . unbelievable.
WHY would that be a reason for her to be mad ? I don't know.
Then I noticed the only time she put me down or called what I did into question was when the PASTOR was in the kitchen.. LOL what is that about ??
Lesson learned, when I have a funeral dinner, don't ask for her help .
we can't let others steal our joy ..

Lydia said...

ear Mrs. Sherman,

Thank you for taking time out of your day to inspire and teach the younger generation. I am 25 years old, have 2 children and have been married 6 1/2 years. Since having children and owning a home I have missed my own grandmother’s wisdom so much. Unfortunately for me she passed in a car accident and has been very greatly missed. I know she is rejoicing with The Lord Jesus our savior and has everlasting peace with him. I am so delighted to know you on these YouTube videos. You have shined the light of Jesus in my heart and changed my doubts into hope, joy and inspiration.

P.S. I wish you lived in San Antonio, TX I would bring you flowers to show my appreciation.

Blessings to you and your family,

Cathy said...

We are to encourage those who encourage us, therefore, it is way past time for me to encourage you! I love listening to your videos and reading your blog posts. We are aliens and strangers on the earth and the LORD is gracious in giving to us those who share our beliefs. I especially like to do my ironing while listening. One day I even had extra time to clean out my husband's sock drawer! Do not be concerned about the length of your videos, I will always go back and listen to them if need be. You lighten my day!

Lydia said...

Thank you Cathy, Gracie, Ann.

I like knowing what you got accomplished while listening. I find it interesting. I love ironing and often do it just because the pace of it makes me feel "normal".

I am keeping a list of all the ideas and suggestions and hope to address them soon.

Laura Jeanne said...

Lydia, I enjoyed this talk. There was a lot of good wisdom in there! I especially liked hearing the advice from that old course on conversation. I hope you will share some more lessons from that in the future.

P.S. I think you look very lovely in this video - red is a good colour for you! :)

Laura Jeanne said...

Oh, I forgot to say - I listened to the first half of this while I made chili for supper last night, and the second half while I did some cleaning in the kitchen this morning. :)

Homemaker's Heart said...

hello Lydia~ It was a pleasure to listen to you today. I really enjoyed the reminder that "you don't need help, you develop your own way of doing things that fits you" regarding keeping house. That is so true. I can watch videos of how others do it and read old fashioned books, but the bottom line is these are just inspiration for me to find what's best for me.

You also spoke on creating your home with highlights or bits that inspire you, so you want to stay home more. Adding touches like flowers or scented soaps, those are great ideas! I used to get marked down flowers on my day in town. That was my treat. I am just started to get back to that. $3 to $5 once a week for flowers, I divide them up and put half in my bathroom and half in the kitchen. My husband even enjoys the ones in the bathroom. They are uplifting.

An a side note, we are wearing the same colors! I had to giggle at that. Not the same outfit, but colors. I love the jewel tone colors for fall and winter. I get so tired of brown, grey and black! That is not what God creates on a regular basis.

Hugs to you & wishing you peace,
Mrs. Dee Peterson

Lydia said...

Dee I got so sick of wearing black all winter, and our winters are long. The only warm outfit I had was black. This year I want to have more color and try not to wear black at all.

Willow said...

Thank you so much for making this video Lydia, I thoroughly enjoyed listening to your words while preparing our evening meal. I too, have been put in situations in the past, where a person would try to belittle me, or challenge me in front of others. This left me feeling very low and sometimes I would just stay home for days, where I felt 'safe'. I did find it hard to trust people after that - to be honest, I still avoid groups of women in social situations, as I find they can be quite nasty at times!
Your guest bedroom looks delightful by the way, the colours are so pretty and soothing!

Heena said...

I can't thank you enough for making these listening videos. I was at such a low point in my life and coming across your talks has really uplifted me so high. I look forward to waking up and working through my chores with you beside me. Your words give me hope, good cheer and solid counsel. I hope that you will continue making them for a long long time to come.

Lydia said...

I will keep doing these listen-as-you-go videos until I run out of things to say! And I do remember feeling bewildered and wondering where to begin.

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

Hello Dear! I really like how you matched your jewelry with the room. You are good at that! I'm so glad you have done these videos. I hope to make a donation when I can. Love from Austin

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...