Thursday, December 24, 2020

Gold, Frankincense, Myrrh; Familiar Sayings; Poems of Life from Edgar A. Guest

Hello Everyone, Please enjoy your preparations at home while you listen to this conversation:

The room I was in:

The coat dress I was wearing:

For extended company while you work, here is a recent hymn post.  We have sung this a few times in our fifth Sunday singings.


Beth said...

The room you are in looks so lovely! Thank you for the time you take to make these videos, I enjoy them so much!

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,
This message, at this moment, is a most heartfelt Christmas gift from you!! I am in the midst of meal preparations for my family’s dinner. I feel like your company at such a busy time is truly heaven sent.❤️Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Janine said...

I loved 5th Sunday Singings growing up. I wish I could attend one today.

Lydia said...

We are still having them. Getting ready for the one in January. 5 th Sunday sings were social events where we could meet other people. Youth liked meeting other youth and we used to dres up.

Janine said...

It makes so much sense to get churches together like this, plus it's fun and uplifting as well to worship together. A great place to meet new friends, too.

Laura Jeanne said...

I am a wee bit behind in your talks, and just listened to this one this evening while I rested in bed. I'm recovering from a virus I had last week, and it's really knocked me off my feet, I'm so tired. Every time I try to do too much I go backwards in recovery, so I decided to get serious about convalescing and just relax.

I must say your pink coat-dress is so pretty! The buttons really finish it off perfectly.

I enjoyed all of this talk, but especially the part about your adventure with the lady traveler. How lovely that she cleaned the church so professionally for you while she stayed. And I'm sure she too was very pleased to have found such a friendly place to rest her head. The mice though, might not be so pleased about the whole thing. ;)

Laura Jeanne said...

Oh, I just remembered what else I wanted to say. Frankincense is fragrant, yes, and is used in aromatherapy for relaxation - but it is also excellent for the skin. Many people who make homemade face creams, put frankincense into it because of its anti-aging properties. Personally, I have used frankincense essential oil directly on my skin to heal small growths that were likely pre-cancerous. It has amazing healing properties. Myrrh is also very good and smells nice, and is good for various uses on the skin. I have seen myrrh also used in face cream preparations.