Wednesday, December 02, 2020

Busy at Home

Hello Everyone,

I've been busy at home and have had a few social obligations.
Hopefully I can return to talking to you on video sooner, not later.

If you have ordered a book via my email, I have paid for it already and it will be printed and sent soon. To pay for it, just request my address.

If you ordered a book via the donation button for PayPal, your book will arrive as soon as it is printed and packaged and mailed from the printer.

My "homeschool" requirements include reading the book I wrote, but you get credit if you listen to it when I read aloud here. ;-)

I do plan to read a few more chapters of this book, and the advantage of hearing it, is that you get the story behind the entry in the book.



Laura Lane said...

I've enjoyed listening to you read. Thank you. I'm recovering from an emergency surgery due to an infection, so I cannot do much yet. I do listen because your voice is calming and you lift me up. I look forward to homemaking myself more soon.
Blessings from Harvest Lane Cottage,
Laura Lane
Southern Missouri

April in El Paso said...

Lydia, so thankful for your posts! They are a light to many women as you shine for the Lord and do HIS will. Your encouragement and sweet smile help to lift all us of us to aim higher in these trying days.

Joy and Peace in HIM.

April in El Paso

Laura Jeanne said...

It's good for you to take a break from the videos sometimes, because it ensures that we will not begin to take you for granted. When your next video appears, we'll all be so excited! :)

Lydia said...

Hope to post today. Had a busy weekend.