Monday, February 17, 2020

Feel Prepared, Clutter is a Magnet, "Pioneer Ribbons" Ep.2 (Allison on the Oregon Trail)

Here is a fancy dress I recently finished for one of my granddaughters.

The dress is lined with a soft cotton lawn, and all the materials and trims came from Walmart. The fabric is Waverly 100% cotton with a linen-like weave. The rosebud accent at the collar is also from Walmart.  Total cost for 3 yards, the lining, and the sleeve elastic, lace trims: $16.00. 

Here it is with the underskirt trimmed in wide eyelet lace, which I made to wear with it:


ann said...

lucky granddaughter. that is a really beautiful dress.

You are very talented. Ann

lynn maust said...

The chicken pot pie recipe is just what I needed....could you send the rest of the recipe? Thanks Lydia! Just copy and email it to me, if you can.

lynn maust said...

I feel soooo much better when I get dressed first thing....I feel ready and motivated to handle anything after I do that. I can't even take a shower in the A.M....I do that at night....instead.

lynn maust said...

My family had a 'plantation' in Virginia and it was as you say,...somewhat small compared to others and the house was just a simple farm house. Sad to say, the Federal army came thru while chasing General Lee and his troops and burned our corn crib and raided the house, taking my great great grandmother's clothes and putting them on and yelling and doing jigs outside in them...scaring my little great grandfather tremendously, of course. And, no doubt my gg gg grandfather was away, aiding General Lee in Petersburg, foraging for food for his troops.

lynn maust said...

YOur bangs look very nice....flattering.

lynn maust said...

thank you for adding the rest of that recipe! Yum!!!!

Lady Barbs said...

The dress is soooo cute. She is a blessed young girl:)

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I am definitely feeling prepared for my home making day today! Thanks for the consistent reminders to dress up for the home and the important work we conduct there.

I’m taking the advice about the magnetically charged places where clutter collects. I am also making progress on my cookbook shelves... I plan on listening to some older videos today while I go through the next step of organizing my recipe files. You’re absolutely correct when you instruct us to do one extra thing each day. Otherwise, like you said, we’re just treading water.

I’m so glad for all the constant encouragement you bring to my day. I feel my cup is overflowing with thankfulness.


Dawn E. Brown said...

I so much enjoyed this .Thank you Lydia.I worked on my granddaughters unicorn latchhook.Blessings,Dawn E.Brown

Unknown said...

Thank you for your wonderful encouraging videos! I really appreciate your homeschool advice and encouragement sense it gives me help in my homeschooling life. Thank you!

Feminine Belle said...

Really enjoy the story time.

Allow me to encourage you to make a separate list of listening pleasure for those of us on the road. How fun it would be for those driving for the kids to listen.

We did this allot when our kids were younger or we had a designated reader of a favorite book for the season.

You have a great face for radio and I pushed forward to listen to the story once more! ;-)

Lydia said...

Good evening Mrs. Sherman,

I want to thank you very much for all of the videos you make. You have been such a great inspiration to me as a homemaker and a Christian, homeschooling mother of two (ages 3 & 5). You have been a saving grace as I tackle the dishes, laundry, work on the bathrooms, prepare meals, and other day to day task. The women of this century are truly blessed to have you on YouTube, as a 25-year-old who has been married seven years I do not see the inspiration you give from anyone else. I feel God truly speaks through you and I hear his words of wisdom and truth listening to your videos. But most importantly I see you a beautiful, wise, Elegant, and well mannered Christian lady. I am a pictorial learner as many of my generation is and I believe it is so good to to not only hear what you have to say but actually see you as you speak it because you have such an elegance about you the way you smile when you’re talking and your bright cheery attitude. Information sticks better when you hear and see the person speaking. I would dearly miss you if you were only on Podcasts and I’m afraid that I would no longer listen as much because of lack of visual inspiration. At your convenience I would definitely appreciate the YouTube videos because they speak well to me having a little bit of visual inspiration when needed and then of course I enjoy the auditorium listening when I’m working. I not only listen to you when I’m working but also when I sit down to rest with my children mid day. We all need breaks and it’s nice to see you as a person and I feel like I have a guest in my home. You have been such a wonderful company ,my husband does love the way our home is and the way I’m dressing because of God working through you. Keep up the fabulous work Miss Lydia and thank you for being a treasure to me, my children and my family.

P.S. I did write a post on your website but it didn’t seem to go through so I am emailing you.

Blessings to you,

Mrs. Tiffany Koch

Lydia said...

Mrs. Koch, I also prefer listening to the video form; and for some reason, the podcasts don't have the same sort of sound.

Laura Jeanne said...

Dear Lydia,
I listened to this talk yesterday evening while I cleaned and organized the little food storage room in our basement we call the cold cellar. It was nice to hear your pleasant voice for a change instead of the disturbing things I've been hearing on the news. I especially enjoyed the continuation of the Pioneer Ribbons story, and I think it's cute that you shared a Lily of the Valley tea cup to match the author of that story. :)