Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Better Than Your Best, Turn Your Worry Into Work, Speaking When Spoken To

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Hope this listen-as-you-go helps you get started today. Please leave a comment!!

Here is the poem I mentioned in the video

How To Be Happy

Are you almost disgusted with life, little man?
I'll tell you a wonderful trick
That will bring you contentment, if anything can,
Do something for somebody, quick
Are you awfully tired with play, little girl?
Wearied, discouraged, and sick
I'll tell you the loveliest game in the world,
Do something for somebody, quick!
Though it rains, like the rain of the flood, little man,
And the clouds are forbidding and thick,
You can make the sun shine on your soul, little man,
Do something for somebody, quick!
Though the stars are like brass overhead, little girl,
And the walks like a well-heated brick,
And our earthy affairs in a terrible whirl,
Do something for somebody, quick!

Tea cup by Meritage

Patti Reed vinyl bag 

Patty Reed "Daisy Kingdom" patterns

This Patty Reed design is available at Grandma's Patterns, one of the blogs on the blogroll on my sidebar.


Dianne said...

Your granddaughter's and daughter's bag of gifts with little catalog was delightful. Thank you for sharing this!

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for helping me get my day started. I was feeling unmotivated this morning, but then I discovered you made another homemaker video! These talks really do help those of us that are isolated at home in order to get our work done!

Thank you for sharing the teapot warmer. I want to check those out at my local Walmart and make another stop at the Dollar Tree. I have enjoyed the lovely floral arrangements you have made for your home from artificial flowers you purchased there. We are very blessed to be able to embellish our homes with beauty without taxing our budget.

The poem is quite accurate... when I feel overwhelmed with a problem, I try to reach out and help ease someone else’s pain. It’s amazing what it can do to place our focus on something other than our own burdens. I plan on copying that poem into my journal. Thank you for sharing part of your day to encourage us! You are a blessing.🙂


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Toni said...

I have followed your blog for many years, and I am always edified by it.

I get lots of work done when I listen, too; usually ironing...I iron our napkins and sanitize them by using a steam iron.
There are so many topics that you touched on, so here are some comments that come to mind:
-You always look lovely, and the colors that you choose for yourself are just perfect! I especially liked the cream color of the room along with your outfit and the chandelier print behind you. Very pretty.
-I am intrigued by the monthly boxes that you and your friend exchange. That would be a fun thing to do for my grown children, living in other states. I would just send one to them every couple of months, as a way to stay connected.
-I like your electric tea kettle, and have considered purchasing one. When we traveled to Ireland last year, we found that each hotel room had one. They are very handy. I currently have a tea kettle for my stove top that whistles when it's ready, but the whistle is kind of jarring, so I may need to replace that.
-Turn worry into work...very valuable advice!

Thank you for sharing wisdom in such a pleasant way!

Laura Jeanne said...

I listened to this talk this evening while I made supper - pork chops, applesauce and mashed potatoes. I really like listening to your talks while I work in the kitchen, because for some reason I feel lonely when I'm in the kitchen by myself - perhaps because it's the biggest room in the house. I don't feel lonely when I'm cleaning, only when I'm cooking. :)

I liked this talk, and I must say the correspondence you and your granddaughter keep up is just adorable. She is truly blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother. :)

I also liked what you said about aprons. Personally, I've never found much use for half aprons - it isn't my legs that get dirty while I'm working in the kitchen, it's my top half. I have a much-used apron I bought from Etsy years ago made from 1940s feed sack cloth. I love it, but it has holes in it, so it's time to make another. I have a pattern, but just haven't gotten around to sewing it yet. :)

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

I haven't watched the video yet, but I'm looking forward to it!keep on keeping on Saints❤