Sunday, February 23, 2020

Use Your Interests and Talents to Enrich Your Home Life

Grace's China (Homegoods $6.99)

8 cards and envelopes (Dollar Tree $1.00)

Penmanship Book: Victorian Trading Co.


Susan said...

Happy Monday! I must admit that most of the time I listen to your videos is my getting ready and resting time. If I am ever cleaning it is when I do the master bath and bedroom. We are a homeschool family too so we do much work together, whether learning or choring so it is a great time to communicate and fellowship. You motivate me in all your areas of talk. Have a wonderful week in God's goodness. P.S. I should learn how to change my avatar as it is from a decade ago. That sweet little girl is now thirteen!

Feminine Belle said...

The first roughly 30 minutes I enjoyed your company on my drive back from dropping off a child at work.

The last 30 I made baking powder biscuits, turkey soup, (from frozen leftovers) and a fresh spinage salad with sliced cherry tomatoes of orange and red with chopped pecans.

Bonus: I have prepped my first pizza dough with that baking powder recipe! We try it tomorrow!

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for another motivating talk. I so appreciate your insights on things. I truly agree with the the statement, “speed kills.” One of the stanzas from a favorite hymn puts it like this...” not a surge of worry, not a shade of care, not a blast of HURRY touch the spirit there.”

I, too, became interested in decorating my home in order to conceal many flaws. We live in a very old farmhouse, and it’s been a continual work in progress with remodeling projects. I learned how to be content and decorate our home with thrift items while we worked on things one room at a time. For example, the wallpaper began to disintegrate on my walls before we could afford to replace it. Baskets from thrift stores nailed over the unsightly spots remedied the problem nicely.

I really liked the advice about proceeding cautiously with people who literally want to become our best friend overnight. This unfortunate incident actually happened to me, and now I am more careful about seemingly needy individuals.

I thought the idea about layering your tablecloths was quite clever. I may try that one out. I look forward to Monday even more since that is when I usually listen in. I get so many things done... getting dressed for the day, kitchen put in order, beds made, and lunch and dinner items planned for the next few days. May the Lord continue to bless you with an unlimited supply of ideas for our success in the home. It is a great encouragement. Thank you!!


Lydia said...

Hello Miss Lydia,
I can’t seem to be able to post anything but would like say how much of a blessing you are to me. It’s lovely to hear a lady speak of home and simple joys. This is where my heart is too. ❤️

I listen to you while doing tasks often very late at night or early in the morning when the house is quiet. I’ve organized all kinds of things while listening as well as prettied some areas up and added special touches here and there. I also re-listen to episodes so that I can try to fall asleep. I have severe insomnia and have had for many years. It’s not good for me to listen to something new or over stimulating. Your voice and sweet thoughts the second time around are a comfort to me on those long nights. You are by no means boring! You are just right for work or rest. Some time ago you mentioned the saying to “brighten up your little corner of the world”, well you help to brighten up my little corner. This week has been a particularly trying one for me and I know that you have hardships yourself, but you continue to shine gracefully and encourage so many. Thank you. Joy

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Cathy said...

My husband had requested chili for dinner, so this morning I was in my kitchen with all the ingredients preparing a pot, so pleased to have your homemakers radio in the background. I probably listened to the end of one episode and began another one, thank you for making your videos as a continuous feed. I especially enjoyed your discussion on handwriting and sometimes I too have the thought to include a good course in practicing this art more diligently. I have never had good handwriting.