Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Homemaker Radio: Instant Change, Do One Extra Thing, Make a Card, Your State of Mind,"Pioneer Ribbons" Ep. 1 (Allison Campbell on the Oregon Trail)

Lovely dimensional rose art stickers from Dollar Tree:

Sleeve protector pattern: McCalls 7487, possibly from the 1980's. There is no date anywhere that I can detect, on this pattern. Would be great if this were reprinted.

Please remember to leave a comment and tell me what you accomplished while listening!



ann said...

Thank you for the lovely video. I sat and listened to it while I crocheted around a face washer. You always find just the right thing to talk about it seems. Sometimes it does get very quiet in the house and I am not used to that. It is nice to listen to your voice, it sounds like I have a visitor. I really enjoyed the story and look forward to hearing more instalments. Thank you. Ann

lilaclady925 said...

Lydia, thank you for this video that lifted my mood today.You looked lovely in that shade of purple. It's my favorite color, and always cheers me. Also I liked how you spoke on the importance of good posture, and how the way we are feeling can affect it. That's something I rarely pay attention to, but I certainly will now. Donna

Lydia said...

Hello again, Dear Lydia,

What a pleasure it was to listen to your homemaker message. I feel like I’m in homemaking heaven listening to two messages in one week!! Thank you for having these talks to keep us company while we work. Please don’t change a thing about how you do these videos. They are exactly what the homemaker needs as she is often isolated working at home.

Being a veteran homeschooling mother like you, I try to give back to others by hosting a group of 12 homeschooled girls in my home once a month. We always end our sessions with tea time, and I often find myself quoting you as I teach these young girls about various things related to Biblical womanhood and the Titus 2 mandate from the scriptures.

You had spoken about doing one extra thing aside from the daily essential housework. Well, I was able to straighten 2 drawers (sadly neglected), and the bottom of the kitchen sink. I plan to start a new sewing project to reward myself for my accomplishments later today. ๐Ÿ™‚

I love being self-employed and being my own boss. My husband has always been a great encourager; he loves me being at home. He makes me feel valued here .
The Word of God confirms my importance in the home, and you, Lydia, help to keep me motivated in so many ways as you share your ideas, wisdom, and experiences with me. I’m very GRATEFUL!


Robin said...

I LOVED the Oregon trail story, and now am looking forward to more! One of my favorite tasks at home is putting a Crock Pot meal together, and such a treat to listen to you while prepare one! Blessings on you dear Lady for your wonderful ministry to women!

Lydia said...

Thanks Robin, I will try to remember to read the next installment. I don't want to leave those pioneers out on the trail too long ;-)

Laura Jeanne said...

I've really gotten behind in your talks, Lydia - but I really enjoyed listening to this one over the past two days while I made supper. I liked the Oregon Trail story, and I look forward to hearing more! Stories, especially true ones, about the pioneers of the 1700s and 1800s are some of my favourite things to read. The people who created the farms and communities of what is now the USA and Canada, are heroes to me because of their bravery and endurance.

As an aside, you look quite pretty in purple, and I noticed that your makeup matched your outfit just perfectly. :)