Thursday, February 06, 2020

Listen While You Work: The State of the Union (Your Home)


Hello Dear Ladies,

I hope you enjoy today's broadcast and you get a lot done at home. Please leave a comment and let me know how you are doing and what all you accomplished while listening.


Ashley Rose said...

Hello and many Blessings to you. I am enjoying your videos very much. I like to wait until I have some small sit down tasks to listen. I am not very good at multi-tasking and if I'm moving around too much I get too distracted to listen. I really liked your theme of "state of the union" as representing how the family was doing. And it was a balm to my soul when you told of the story of Joseph and his brothers. There are several small estrangements in my extended family right now over some imagined slights. I am going to try harder to be thoughtful of others opinions and not be so aggressive about trying to prove them wrong. Thank you again for your broadcasts, they are really wonderful and encouraging. Julie

Laura Jeanne said...

Dear Lydia, thank you for this talk. It was a particularly good one and you look particularly lovely in it. :)

I really appreciate that you remind us so often to pray over our day. It IS so important, and I found that once I started praying every morning that the Lord would guide me through the day, and also praying throughout the day for help with little things (like what to make the kids for lunch, or how to break up a fight) everything started going much more smoothly. For some reason I used to think that God didn't want to be bothered with little things like that, but now I understand that He truly does care about all the details of our lives.

I listened to this talk while I made supper (mashed potatoes, vegetables and chicken) and cleaned out all the shelves on the door of the fridge. I threw out some condiments that were expired! It's amazing how when things are in the fridge a long time, you don't really see them any more. You need to take everything out once in a while to be able to actually see what you've got. :)

Laura Lane said...

I enjoy your radio program so much. I did housework while I listened.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Rachel said...

Thanks for another inspiring video. It's so full with great ideas that I found myself stopping my ironing for a while and taking notes!
In relation to prayer, I guess every Christian has his own habits, unique and special, as it is really a love story, and no love story is exactly the same as another. Even if I spend some quiet time ruminating some verses and praying, I tend to make the whole day a long conversation with the Lord, here and there, as He listens to me in my kitchen or going around doing errands. Just two or three sentences here and there, but it keeps a praying, peaceful spirit along the day. I don't know if that's what apostle St Paul was referring to when he wrote that we pray without ceasing, but it works for me. I imagine my home as a domestic monastery. Ora et labora, the ancients said, that is, pray and work, and so the humblest tasks are sanctified.
The books you recommend are so pretty. Maybe some day you could make a video called "Tea with Lady Lydia", and show us your table five minutes before your guests come, how you have everything prepared and ready and so beautifully arranged for your ladies class. I'm sure we could learn a lot from your good taste, as we always do.
Thanks again. You are so pretty in red. It's definitely one of your colors.

Jennifer Williams said...

Hello there! I really enjoyed listening to this video. Thank you so much for your wise thoughts and encouragement. It is such a blessing to be able to stay home and be a wife and mother and to make it make it my "job" to keep a nice home. I am grateful to God for all He has provided for us. And yes, we should pray continually. I couldn't make it through life if I wasn't always talking to the Father! :-)

Lydia said...

Ladies I am so thrilled to meet other ladies on the comments who understand that praying without ceasing means to remember to pray and be continual about it. Its not good to run on our own steam.

Marie said...

Thank you for encouraging us to pray over our day to be able to commit it to God and to get it done. I never thought to do that exactly but I do pray that I will be a blessing to my husband my household and those around me.

You are filled with wisdom and I just love hearing your Godly perspective and I am so grateful that you share on here so consistently.

I especially loved this quote from you ““Home is not suppose to look like a waiting room or some other formal place for the public. It has to be uniquely your own.”
social media makes homes look like clones of each other whatever the decor trend is. So few homes look homey and unique to the family.

Keep up your amazing work it is helping so many that you never hear from. Just putting truth and light and joy and love into the world is a blessing to others and a use of your talents to Jesus’s glory.

Be encouraged!! God has made you so beautiful.

Ms Vicki said...

I truly love listening and watching your videos as I fold laundry and clean.
I am a empty nester and feel like I’m not so alone when your on. God bless you! ~Vicki

Lydia said...

Dearest Lydia, I’ve just finished listening to your ‘State of the Union’ video. As usual it was so inspiring and encouraging. You are beautiful inside and definitely outside – very pretty indeed. I’m so very grateful for your blog posts and videos. They are very helpful and saturated with many wise thoughts and ideas to help in a practical ways for our day to day housewife life. Thank you! With kindest regards from Linda…

Joyful noise said...

Dear Lydia: I´m watching your old videos. I´ve just watched this one. Definitively red suits you. I love your chandelier picture. All you talked about was so interesting. Joseph´s story is one of my favorites too. Thank you so much for taking so much time to teach us and inspire us. You are such a blessing always. God bless you. Much love. Maria