Saturday, February 08, 2020

Homemaker Radio: Politics and Prayer, The Home Retreat, Being a Good Coach

Four new shades of blush pink roses from Dollar Tree:

March/April Victoria Magazine:


living from glory to glory said...

Good Morning, I surely enjoyed my flowers and also glad to see the inspiring Victoria magazine! Have a blessed Lord's Day...
Pretty teacup!
Hugs, Roxy

Lydia said...

Good post from you, too on airline travel,, Roxy!!

Wendy said...

Thank you for sharing your encouraging perspective. I sew while listening.

Lydia said...

Hi Lydia listened to your last two videos loved them both I am so inspired I don’t say this to make you always feel flattered but you have a beautiful godly gift to bring value and honor to the homemaker I hope my example as I get older will help my daughters want to marry and have children ❤️I also lit candles and had several lights on.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I’m listening to this on a bright, sunny Monday morning as I get dressed and ready for the day. I also had time to do some ironing and clean up a bedroom.

Today’s broadcast was simply inspiring and encouraging for the homemaker. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for reminding us to pray about everything, especially our own family, and the privilege we have to be the guides and guardians of our homes. God’s purposes and plans are good for us as keepers of the home.

I enjoy seeing the lovely backgrounds on your videos depicting the different areas of your home. Your appearance certainly influences one to dress with dignity for the home and your own family first as well.

I was slightly saddened to hear you bid us farewell... would have loved your company a little bit longer.


Thanks for always sending a comment, Holly. Its so thoughtful of you to take the time!! Homemakers are very busy people, so its always a treat that you all will write. If the blogger won't take your comment, just email me. The comments will be delayed a little since I have to post them myself from the blogger dashboard.

Feminine Belle said...

I can't tell if I come here for the teacups, flowers or both!

I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I try hard not to do ANYTHING during the weekends and do my best to take a rest for a day or two!

What did I do? Another article for my site while listening to a piano cover from YouTube of my favorite songs from Studio Ghibli and watching outside my window of the day turning into twilight and then night.