Monday, April 06, 2020

The Great Outdoors in the the Paintings of Hans Dahl

 Painting by Hans Dahl

Hello Ladies,

I'm getting a few things finished around here so I can show you on my next video.  In the meantime, please look up the lovely paintings of Hans Dahl. There was a father and son who both painted and one of them has a different middle name; not sure about all the details.

God meant for the human body to benefit from the fresh air and sunshine, and the sea, so that is why I love these paintings. Of course I admire the clothing and hairstyles too and the happy faces of these lovely ladies.

Keep drinking hot tea. It flushes out toxins and impurities from your body and has throughout the ages proven to be a wonderful aid to physical health and the ceremony creates well-being.


magnoliasntea said...

Beautiful paintings, Lydia. All the ladies are undeniably feminine yet modestly dressed. Lovely.

lynn maust said...

Thank you for your reminder about tea and it's benefits..I hope herbal teas are as beneficial.

Melanie said...

Oh, those paintings are beautiful! Yes, I enjoy tea as well...oolong is my favorite.

Rachel said...

Lovely young women in beautiful dresses, practical and pretty. They went around in them, busy with their daily tasks, and not even for a moment would they think they were not appropriate or that they would have to change into men's clothing to be more comfortable. Dressing femininely is an elegant way of telling this ungodly world that we play by God's rules without a word.

Laura Jeanne said...

Beautiful paintings. You've shown Hans Dahl paintings on your blog before, and I always love them. I'd like to get some prints for my home some day.

I agree with Rachel that women used to do all of their work in skirts and never considered changing into men's clothes. I personally do wear pants in the winter because it's extremely cold in our drafty old farmhouse and I really feel the chill - but the moment the weather is warm enough I don't wear anything but skirts until the following winter and I find them most comfortable.

After you once posted a video of Nikki Moreno peacefully cleaning her kitchen (from the Youtube channel Inspired By Nikki), I became hooked on her channel. I love how Nikki dresses very femininely at all times, with flowing skirts and blouses, and this is how she dresses to do all her work. In a few recent videos she can be seen kneeling on the ground planting things in the garden, wearing a beautiful pleated skirt. And she has a large collection of lovely aprons which she washed and hung outside in her last video. It's simply not true that feminine clothes are uncomfortable and impractical. Woman for a while now, have been fed a lie that we need to be more like men if we're going to be happy!