Saturday, May 30, 2020

Dress For a Great Enterprise, Value of Polite Small-Talk

Hello Dear Ladies, 

Please enjoy listening while you get a few things done.

Today I showed this teacup with a flower on it called

You can grow your own Love-In-A-Mist garden flowers. The seeds are available online or in your local shops; also  in other colors.

Because of the fine, delicate leaves, stems and petals clusters of these flowers appear to be in a mist.


aspiritofsimplicity said...

What a pretty teacup. I have some of my Nana’s teacups and saucers but they are packed away. I don’t really have need of them and I don’t have a place to display them. I plan on giving them to my daughter who has expressed an interest in them.

Laura Lane said...

It's a beautiful tea cup. I worked on my bedroom while I listened. I'm making great progress. Be blessed dearie. You are truly my get-up-and-get-busy inspiration! ~smile~
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
Carthage, Missouri

Laura Jeanne said...

I listened to the first 45 minutes of this one while I made supper, and the last part while I relaxed with some dessert. :)

Very pretty teacup! How delightful that you had the real flowers to match!

You asked if someone could shed light on what it means to feel invisible. You probably never feel invisible, Lydia, because you have enough confidence, and know you are a precious child of God, so that nobody can make you feel that way. I used to feel invisible when a certain person in my life would ignore me and act like they didn't hear a word I said. They used to sometimes walk right out of the room while I was talking. But now that I am older and have more confidence, I don't feel like that anymore. I can feel angry, or hurt, but I don't feel invisible because I know I'm not! Someone acting so uncivilized only makes them look bad, not me.

Laura Jeanne said...

Oh, and I meant to say that I really appreciated your advice about fashion as we age, and also the examination of Romans 12 and how we need to be discerning about what we let into our life. This is excellent advice for people of any age, but especially today when so much of what is in the world is unworthy of our attention.

Lydia said...

That is called "shadowing" or "ghosting," an intimidation technique used by very thoughtless and self centered people. I forbid it in my home because every child will try it and I couldn't let that game take hold!!

joanie said...

You look lovely in that blue sweater. It is pale blue, isn't it? It really looks good with your coloring. And your face looks so fresh and young. Very inspiring.

Rachel said...

Thanks for another inspiring post! I was making meatballs as I listened, which is quite a long task, but one of my family's favorites.
I liked when you spoke about homemakers having a kind of aura around them. Most women are always anxious about being fashionable when in public these days, to have every detail of their outfits properly displayed, to walk and move like Hollywood stars, quite immodestly most of the time, as if worried about themselves all the time. So different from a woman of God, who spreads grace, compassion and good taste wherever she goes. Yes, I definitely think they have an aura too, but I couldn't define what it is. Sweetness, maybe. Thank you for your time and efforts, you are truly a gift.

Lydia said...

Thank you for touching on the subject of missionary biography in homeschool. It can feel as though that’s the true way of service and sacrifice when reading the dramatic accounts. You reminded and encouraged that ordinary home life can be a great mission field and the work within can be a pleasing sacrifice to God. Rebecca