Thursday, May 28, 2020

Be Unexpectedly Prepared, Enjoy Life At Home


Julie said...

Sometimes I am shocked by the things people have said to you. You have really heard it all! Your gracious attitude towards those people is an inspiration.

Your videos and posts have uplifted and inspired me for many years. You have a practicality and a common sense that reminds me of my late grandmother, who was the best person I have ever known. (Of course you are younger than she was, but you have much of that old-time wisdom that she possessed.)

Right now I am working temporarily as a rideshare driver, even though I'd rather be at home. While I am working, I listen to your videos on my mp3 player in between clients. (I turn the videos into mp3s for that purpose.) They calm my soul, warm my heart, and give me ideas for things to do for my family when I am home. Thank you for all of the encouragement over the years!

Laura Lane said...

I agree with Julie. Your videos "calm my soul, warm my heart, and give me ideas for things to do for my family when I am home." While it's best to be home, especially when you have children at home, sometimes a part-time job can really meet the needs that can go unmet with only the husband's income. I've gone without for 29 years. I've made do for 29 years. I see this as a temporary position as does my husband. I am thankful for that.

I love how you help me to refocus on what's important. Be blessed dear Lydia.
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage
Carthage, Missouri

Lydia said...

This is the reason I use videos now. It isn't as easy to take them apart and misquote me or take it out of context. And people who have read all the vile stuff can come and hear and see me and decide for themselves.

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for keeping me company while I made supper tonight. I have acquired a small wireless speaker that works with my inexpensive tablet, so now I can hear everything you say even over the sounds of cooking and the rumble of the electric kettle.

By the way, I shared with my boys the poem you read in the last talk, and they loved it. I'm going to have them memorize it for school.

Laurel said...

I always enjoy listening and watching your videos. You are a calm voice in troubled times. You have a wealth of common sense I enjoy hearing.

Our church is very missions oriented and lift up the missionaries we support. They have quite a few of the the young people go on into mission work. They end up in somewhat dangerous areas, young men and women. One young family with little children were in China until it became too dangerous. There is not the encouragement of young ladies to stay home and get married and raise a family. First,it seems, is college and then missions. I live in a very scientific and educated community. I am backwards it seems. So, I was so happy to hear, at least what I thought you said, that there is a wealth of opportunities to serve God in our homes and communities and it is good to live an ordinary life. I think we should encourage young people to do just that and that is just important as serving in Kosovo, if not more.