Sunday, May 17, 2020

Your Home is Worth Dressing Up For, Educating the Heart

Greetings You All,
I hope you accomplish a lot and can get absorbed in your many interests in the home, while you listen to Homemaker Radio today.

From the above book, 
something to print or write out and read aloud often:

We should always be cheerful. The times may be difficult, but a sad and gloomy countenance will not make them easier.  

The flower is made by the sunshine; it is not made by the clouds. Our hearts can be filled with warmth from the good things around us.

We may have troubles, but we should not allow discouragement. No one can be completely free from problems; we should extract courage and fortitude from them.

We should look on the bright side of everything, and then we can receive the maximum happiness from each day.

For those who want to quit feeling the hype of the news media but still need to know what is happening to us, here is a link to a youtube video series that is reasonable, factual, calm, encouraging and has some Christian views. Just click the link and listen to the newest videos and work backwards, if you like,


Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you, Lydia. I enjoyed this talk and I listened to it while I made a chocolate meringue pie to celebrate Victoria Day. Now that I've been standing in the kitchen so long, I'm going to make a nice hot tea and relax with a magazine a friend sent me. :)

Lydia said...

I am happy to be of help, Laura Jeanne!

Marie said...

Mrs. Sherman, Thank you for another video and an hour long! Am so excited to listen tomorrow. I went back and listened to your old videos as I was running out of the newer ones and the older ones are very short but just as lovely and compelling. I am so blessed to have you in my life and our interests and tastes are so similar it feels encouraging. Women now days don’t appreciate the super feminine soft look of years gone by with florals or pastels but I love how you appreciate all of the loveliness of it. I am so excited to hear you insights again tomorrow and I have a sink full of dishes from Sunday to do in the morning so thank for being my company for that!

Lydia said...

Glad to go alongside and keep you company. Hope to broadcast more often and regularly.

Unknown said...

You are very pleasant Lady Lydia!
I was able to clean out a drawer and organize it, I had been putting it off. I also tackled the laundry room decluttered it and got rid of old things stuffed away. I was able to clean behind the washer and dryer! You're an excellent teacher, and have inspired me to enjoy homemaking. I hadn't ever looked at it as a joyful occupation until I stumbled across your channel. I also really like when you read scripture in the videos. I'm so relaxed and in a better mood while listening to your sweet voice!
You're truly a blessing and I'm so thankful for your help!
All the way from Flower Mound,TX

Lydia said...

Those are my goals today: to clean out drawers in the kitchen island, and to sweep the laundry room.

Marie said...

Mrs. Sherman, you look so beautiful your bangs look so nice and that dress is lovely and so is the room. It is so true that presentation of dress helps your well being and blesses others. I have thought on the many things you have said about this how even people who work at stores notice and it gives them something lovely to look at. It is interesting because I haven’t been to our store in so long but when my husband went recently they asked about me and said how much they love when I come by! I am kind of quiet and haven’t spoken much to these ladies but I always dress up and he said I have made quite the impression on them and they just enjoyed seeing me there. I thought wow it’s true that people are blessed by seeing something lovely like a pretty dress. This video was again filled with gems of wisdom. I love your points about how children learn and allowing the answer books to be used as well and not kept from them. That was so insightful and renewing because that is exactly how we learn from the Bible, we simply read it and absorb it. We aren’t given pieces of it and questions and then held to quizzes which can cause anxiety. I struggled so much in school and ended up being home schooled but it still was somewhat similar to sit down work book with the same methods of teaching although not as long of days. Your teaching style would have probably helped me a lot and I will remember this if I ever have children. You always are so insightful and what you say always puts words to how I have felt about something but maybe never had validation about it. Thank you for that beautiful paragraph that you read at the end of the video. That made a big impact on me when you read it in a previous video and when I heard it again it was so refreshing. God bless you for sharing and teaching us!

Lydia said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

Your appearance on today’s video was simply beautiful. Thank you for dressing up for us and showing your listeners respect for yourself, others, and primarily, our Lord.

The last videos have been like a stroll down memory lane for me, as you have shared content from the ABekah books. Today’s featured book was all too familiar and very well worn in my collection because each child used this grammar and composition resource. It really makes me miss my days of homeschooling my children.

The weekend proved to be extremely busy; and, I was truly lacking the motivation needed for this Monday morning. However, after time spent in prayer and listening to your broadcast, my attitude and energy level improved greatly. Thank you.


Lydia said...

Ladies I will try to vid tonight or early in the morning, for your listening. I'm busy collecting some materials for it.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,
Listening to this episode was just the company I needed while doing dishes, and then having a cup of tea while jotting down a few notes and crocheting.

I love the education I am receiving here: improving relationship skills, manners, and refinement; respecting oneself and others; reading and learning from books and the Scriptures; dressing and living in a beautiful, meaningful way, etc. So much really!

I am on the search for the Abeka teacher's text-guides for A Reason for Writing as well as the Grammar/Composition-1. It seems there have been revisions over the years and I wonder if there have been many changes.

The dress you sewed looks lovely. In a recent episode I think you shared how sewing isn't really a hobby for you because it is a lot of work ~ I wonder if I might feel that way, too. So I've been searching online for pretty and feminine clothing to wear and am finding it more difficult than I thought it would be.
Many thanks from Lynnea

Craig & Denyse said...

Hello Lydia,

Today, once again, you hit on something that I do with my husband. Something that I would never believe was wrong. In fact, last week, I asked him, "Why do you use my words against me?" I thought this was his problem... but now I know that's just men. So now I'll listen to my mother, as well as you, and not say anything negative about myself even if I phrase it in a question.

Why I've always loved you so much, you're information and suggestions, is because it just the common (or uncommon sense) for women that I need, and I don't always have your type of woman around me. I thank the Heavenly Father for you being here. :)

Mountain laurel said...

Thank you for your lovely videos. I don't usually comment and I know I should, especially when I am blessed and encouraged. In a time when everything is unstable and heading in the wrong direction your words and voice are comforting.

Cathy said...

I will add my similar words to the other ladies, you bless my homemaking hours when I am able to listen while I iron, fold laundry, wash dishes, cook, or clean my bathroom.

I began homeschooling in 1989 and will finish next year as my daughter will graduate from high school in 2021; in my state we were like the pioneers of homeschooling back in the late 80's and early 90's. I like you sharing with us and" teaching" us because education is a lifelong pursuit. Learning from someone's experience is wise.
Also, the books are called CommonPlace Books. A wonderful practice.

Lydia said...

Oh thanks so much for the name of the books, which I was calling Copy Books. I looked up Commonplace Books on Wikipedia and there was a good description of them.