Friday, May 08, 2020

All Things Work Together for Good, Lose Your Appetite For Bad News, Knowledge Banishes Fear

Hello Ladies,

May your day be blessed. Keep on working and keep on praying. 
Please enjoy listening as you go about your responsibilities at home today. Or, sit back with a fine cup of tea and visit with me.

Those of you interested in politics in a calming way, might find this interesting:
X22 Report
Marine Medic teaches police to value their souls more than their jobs.

Another X22 Report

Barbour Books


Mrs. Bill said...

Dear Lydia. I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your 'radio' talks. Today I painted the mats of a set of pictures trying to lighten them up. I bought them in the '90s when the look was dark and rich and now I want to be light and bright. Hopefully all will turn out well.
I am a widow who lives alone and it's nice to hear a pleasant voice talking about things that interest me. I am also enjoying the x22 report that you recommended. Very positive and hopeful. Keep up the good work!

Lydia said...

Thank you Mrs. Bill. I'm going to attempt one video a day and maybe a written post as well.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,
This episode was very encouraging and interesting to me.
I ordered the Abeka writing book you discussed and look forward to learning from it!
I was not a very good public school student growing up in the 60's+. At times I thought about using a Christian-based curriculum for my "starting-over" or "continuing" education but was not quite sure where to begin.
So I am grateful to hear about books you have used and can recommend.
Also, thank you for suggesting to print a copy of each hand-made newsletter to keep for future reference.
Kind regards,

Homemaker's Heart said...

Hello Lydia,
Thank you for your work. I get so much done listening to you, my husband even asks where "my friend" is when I don't have you visiting with me as I am bustling around.

I just love your handwriting! I long to practice that.

Recently I found out that a company we used to go to on Date night (when we lived in Ohio) has online availability and ships. It's called Half-Priced Books ( I typed in a few books I had wanted from my AMZ wish list and found that, even with the $3 shipping per book, it's still cheaper than a USED one from AMZ. Yeah! I can find books, magazine, movies I love, old, new, etc with Half-priced Books. Not trying to "advertise" for them, but it's really a great thing when folks are looking for the older books we share on our sites.

Peace be with you,

Laura Jeanne said...

I loved this talk. I listened to it while I hung a load of laundry in the basement (I have no dryer currently), tidied up the kitchen, set a batch of no-knead bread to rise over night, as well as set a batch of banana muffin batter to soak the whole grains, and then had a bedtime snack.

I absolutely love your transferware tea cup. That style of china is my favourite by far. I love looking at the tiny details in the pictures.

I've noticed the same thing about unbleached flour here in southern Ontario. When there are only a few bags of flour left somewhere, it is the bleached flour that nobody wants. Perhaps it is not only health consciousness, but an awareness that unbleached is better for making bread and pizza, which I think it what everyone is doing right now.

How wonderful that you have been planting flowers and vegetables. I hope you will think your garden a worthy subject for future blog posts, as I would love to see what you are growing. I had already planted some vegetable seeds here but nothing is happening as the weather has gotten so cold, and we actually had snow yesterday!

I loved the story about the pilgrim fathers, and I agree with you that people from every country should look to their ancestors for inspiration. I am rather proud to say that my husband's family (as you know we have a French last name) were some of the first Europeans in Canada, in Acadia (Nova Scotia) in the early 1600s. You are correct that the settlements in Canada (New France at that time) existed a little before those in New England - however, the number of people here was extremely small for a really long time.

I'm going to say more in another comment.

Laura Jeanne said...

I wanted to say also that the negative influence of public school on a child's heart goes further than just separating them from their family's values. I believe someone at some point decided that it's best to teach children the nihilistic view that life is meaningless and that having dreams or trying to be a good person is pointless. Just tonight I was discussing with my husband that all the books we read in high school English class were extremely dark and depressing. For example, Of Mice and Men, Heart of Darkness, A Separate Peace, and worst of all, Lord of the Flies...all of those books give me a shiver just to think of them, they were all so depressing and hopeless. Even when we read Shakespeare, we only read the tragedies, but none of the comedies! And we never read any of the delightful, inspiring or funny poems that exist, we only read the sad ones. It's astonishing when I think back. No wonder I felt depressed as a teenager! I can't tell for sure why only depressing material was used; perhaps it's simply that that's all that is left when every trace of God is completely removed from the curriculum.

Lastly, I loved your comment about you and your children growing up together while homeschooling. I agree completely and I feel that now that I have been homeschooling as many years as I was in public school, my depressing and pointless public school education has now been replaced by a rich, meaningful, and joyful understanding of our Creator and the amazing world he created. I feel like more of a complete person than in the past and I thank God every day for allowing me the opportunity to homeschool my children.

Mrs. G. said...

Dear Laura Jeanne,
I hope you don’t mind me responding to your comment but I can’t agree with you more and you put into words what I have had such a hard time doing! I had to read all the books you mentioned above and Lord of the Flies still haunts me! And I remember feeling uncomfortable as our teacher read aloud from these books in the classroom. Now here I am with my own son. We just finished of Mice and Men and now we are reading the play A Raisin in the Sun, which I was made to study in school also. Both books are so utterly depressing! And if it’s not literature then it’s “World History” focusing on every religion but never a mention of Christianity. The nonsense that is “Science” and never mind the food logs and sleep logs and what ever else they are doing to fill the time while schools are closed. Math is mind boggling and unless one was to be a rocket scientist, (and if that is what God has blessed them to do then great) but the average person will never use this math in their life time. God is completely devoid in a huge part of children’s days when they leave home and enter a public school building. The odd feeling that I have had since my son went to kindergarten has been confirmed since this whole “lock down” has taken place and I’ve been doing my son’s school with him at home. My deepest regret as a mother is that I blocked these feelings instead of picking up on a warning signal that sending my child to public schools was doing a great disservice to him. And now it is too late because I was not mature enough in my Faith as a Christian to be wise enough to pull him out. So I strongly urge young mothers to listen to our words and Mrs. Sherman’s words that the public school system is the worst place for your children to be. You CAN successfully educate your children at home, and I wish I did when I had the chance. God bless you!
Mrs. G

Mrs. G. said...

Dear Mrs. Sherman,
I was deeply moved by this video. I responded to a dear lady above who had made a comment and I had to thank you personally for your talk in this video. I know you always want to leave us on a positive note and happy and I am dear lady, but I am completely convicted at the same time. My deepest regret as a mother is that I did not home school my only child. I was blind to the fact that I had the power to educate my own child. I was very immature in my Faith as a Christian and unaware of the power I held and sadly it has slipped away from me. Now I am focused on the next few years with a Christian college or some sort of trade education for my son as he is a young man now and those precious years are lost to me, and him. I urge all young mothers who have the chance to remove their children from public education to do so. This “crisis and lockdown” situation we are in has only confirmed one thing for me. God is about His work. We now have a complete and clear view into exactly what our children are “learning” when we follow their daily school day at home and it’s broken my heart. I always had some idea what goes on during the day and somehow I dumbed myself down to thinking that me being home full time while he was at school was enough. That as long as I was sending him off with his back pack full of completed homework and school projects and a good breakfast and a packed homemade lunch was enough. That I was home to greet him after his day was enough. Ladies you simply can not “un do” what is being taught to a child that is going out into public school when they get home. Take it from me as a mother to a young man who has been in the tri-state area in public school. There is a definite “agenda” going on. The indoctrination the schools are doing to our children is much worse then I ever thought. Please protect your children and take charge of what they learn. I only wish I had when I had the chance. My son is a wonderful young man. With God’s grace he will continue to grow in Faith and common sense. God bless you ladies!
Mrs, G.

Lydia said...

You can undo it all by persuading you children to provide a homeschool education to their own children and to marry someone who feels the same. Order a ABeka catalogue and give one to each child if possible. Order yourself a book from it, maybe New World History and Geography , and read it. I’ll tell you how to influence them , in the next video. I’m trying to find that book so I can read from it to show you what I mean.

Please paste your comments to me and to Laura Jeanne into your own newsletter for your children. They are excellent and earthshaking. Of course that’s what they told us to do, isn’t it. Even in churches. Preachers and elders would say stay home and clean house and cook so the children will have a good home to come back to. And they also taught that our children were representing the Christian faith in the schools. But we were raw recruits sent untrained into a battle we were not prepared for. We were used as the states own emissaries for its agenda. We had our senses stripped from their moorings , by the shock of this unholy and irreverent literature we were forced to read. I won’t even reveal the names of the books I had to read, and that was back in the 1950’s and 60’s.They were so bad that most of the students didn’t even tell the parents because it would have hurt the parents too much. So once they remove your innocence through literature and education, they can turn you into a Spartan . I spoke about the Spartans in an earlier video and the ABeka Old world History and Geography wrote about this.

Anyway be sure and save your comments and get your collection of writings in a folder. You will find it a very useful tool. Your motherhood is not over. You are still raising children into the next generation through your knowledge and influence.

Laura Jeanne said...

Mrs. G., I understand your pain. One of the reasons I am so very grateful to be homeschooling my younger children right now - my 15, 11 and 9 year olds - is that my oldest child, who is now in university, went back to public school for highschool and it was a HUGE mistake. She was mightily influenced in all the wrong directions and lost her innocence in so many ways. She would regularly come home crying because of the disgusting things she witnessed at school (for example, some boys would wear t-shirts with nude women on them, and no teacher stopped them). Highschools were always teaching bad values, at least since the 1960s, but today they are even worse, they are moral cesspools and I would do almost anything to keep my children from them. So I too feel great guilt over letting my child enter the public school system. But as Lydia kindly pointed out, we can undo the damage by persuading our children to homeschool our grandchildren. In that way our children, in homeschooling their own, will have a chance to replace the depressing ideas they've learned with wholesome ones.

Also Mrs. G., I agree with you about a lot of what children do in math and science being boring and pointless. I think schools focus so much on these two subjects because they are the easiest subjects to remove morality and God from. Make the kids do math for hours every day, and their minds will be too numb to be able to think about anything dangerous like their place in God's world. That is one thing that pleases me about homeschooling, that although I do have my children do math every day, they only do about 20 minutes, not the 2-3 hours I used to have to do when I was in highschool. Nobody needs to know trigonometry or calculus anyway unless they are going to be an engineer or scientist. I think it's a crime the schools teach high-level abstract math like this but not practical math like personal finance.