Friday, September 04, 2020

Changing Scenes

 Hello Ladies,

I hope to have another talk with you soon.

In the meantime, I'm offering one of the many changing scenes from my window view. Every day I look forward to "take a picture" on my appointment list, and I like the way the colors and the mist and the haze makes the same scene so different each day.

I had company a few days ago and they were remarking about my "new" chair.  It is not a new chair at all. It is Grandma's old chair, which I enjoy changing now and then with different colors of fabrics, covers and blankets--an easy, uncostly way to change the decor.

Speaking of  "changing scenes", I notice this the third stanza of this song contains those words, which I wrote below the video.

Please enjoy the song during your routine at home and I hope it plays in your mind later on too!

My Jesus, as Thou wilt!
All shall be well for me;
Each changing future scene
I gladly trust with Thee.
Straight to Thy rest above
I travel calmly on,
And sing, in life or death,
My Lord, Thy will be done!

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lynn maust said...

Thank you for writing out the verse for us.