Monday, September 21, 2020

Dressing Well At Home

 Hello Everyone,

Today I was able to get only 30 minutes in my video to you because of something that needs fixing with the video maker, but I thought something is better than nothing and I hope you can get a little inspiration from it.

The challenge to dress well at home is a big one these days, as we have become more casual when not in public. I checked around to see what else was being written about this, and found there were some good posts and videos about the importance of dressing up at home.  As more people are home these days, they are finding they can be productive and efficient in what ever they choose to do, when they are prepared and dressed as though they were going to do something important.

Details of sewing project:
Dress: Fabric Traditions all cotton - buy or order online from JoAnn fabrics: 4 yards $25.00
Zipper: 22 inches-$3.00
Thread: yellow $2.50
Piping for neckline: $4.00
Other: Elastic for sleeves

Pattern: Dress - McCalls 6958 (2014, still in catalog) $1.99 during pattern sale
Sleeves, McCalls 8033  (2020) $1.99 during pattern sale.

Total cost $38.50

Dress: McCalls 6958

Sleeves McCalls 8033

Stitching notes:  I raise the necklines a little more and leave out some of the tucks in the dress.
The sleeves look longer in the pattern picture. They are a few inches below the elbow.


Janet W. said...

Hi Lydia,
You look so cheerful in yellow and your new dress is so feminine.
Another blessed home school lesson, how I enjoy them! Thank you. Now I can say I’ve been home schooled.
Blessings, Janet

Lydia said...

When you come here you can also be self educated!

Mrs. Christopher Daniels said...

You get a comment just because of that lovely tea cup and saucer Dear! Looking adorable as ever! Have a blesses day.

Janine said...

Well that was an abrupt ending! What happened? Maybe you've explained in your next video. But up until the cut off it was an excellent video as usual! Love that cheery yellow dress.

Emmarinda said...

Dear Lydia, I am curious as to what a video maker is. I would like to make some videos, myself, for the grandchildren, and have wondered how to do it. Love the silk pumpkins, by the way.

Lydia said...

Emmarinda, every laptop , computer or phone has one or two video makers installed or can be installed from the web. Mine were included on the computer. You could look for it in the settings or files and turn it on and start recording.