Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Dress Your House

Today I talk about dressing yourself for your beautiful home and dressing your home for the beautiful people who live there.

In the lesson today I talked
a little about the fires and the 
smoke out here in 

Here is the picture I took of the darkest and most red colored atmosphere,
during week one.  This is from the front window of the Manse.

During week two the color changed and visibility was very poor. That's the sun in the middle.

The third week we could see the yard in front of us.

The fourth week we got some rain. The strong smell
of burnt everything (which, when we tried to list,
was everything you could imagine from
garden hose to old barn) lingered many days.

Rain: Instead of burnt-everything, the atmosphere smelled like wet everything that had been burnt.
It rained for several days, enough to form puddles and streams. The green grass and green leaves returned. 

Masks were ineffective to filter out the smoke.
Someone tried it and showed me the inside
of the mask filled with soot!

The one thing that does work well in smoke
is a wet bandanna tied around the face. 
You know it works because with it on, you cannot
smell the awful stench of burnt everything and smoke,
but when the bandanna is removed , you can really
smell the difference.

Pumpkin Craft Instructions--two ways to make pumpkins. One is a square or rectangle and one is a circle.

from Pinterest (Martha Stewart instructions)


stephanie said...

Thank you always for your encouragement. We love you.

Lydia said...

Thank you Stephanie. My goal is to be more efficient at home and have more time for the videos/classes. I'm getting closer to that point.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I very much appreciated a longer homemaker lesson today since I was unpacking from a recent 3 day trip up north. It’s not a fun job, and I always get a little overwhelmed with catching up on things when I’m away. Anyway, this message really got me going today. It was a good all around refresher course for getting ourselves and our homes beautifully ordered and adorned.

We had 3 days of rain up north, so it allowed me a perfect opportunity to hand sew some of the lovely fabric pumpkins you displayed in your recent posts. Sweet, little pumpkins in various sizes and fabric patterns now cheer my home with a bit of autumn bliss.

Thank you for ministering to all homemakers today! You are a blessing!


Lydia said...

In case I don't get time to do a tutorial, there are places on Pinterest and the web showing how to make these pumpkins. You can also use a roll of bathroom tissue or a craft pumpkin. Just wrap the fabric or item of your choice around it and tuck it in the top. I've used scarves and towels to make many pumpkins for a house tour/ tea party. Cinnamon sticks or twigs make nice stems, and cutting the wire part off wired ribbon, wrapping it around a straw to curl it, makes a nice tendril.

April in El Paso said...


Thank you for giving of your time and love to all of your viewers, I’m so blessed by the videos.

May I ask for you to post the ISBN number to the Booker T. Washington book you’ve been teaching from. Your readings have been uplifting and truly edifying for me in this season.

Many blessings to you and your family.

April in El Paso

Lydia said...

ISBN 978-0-393-96725-8

Christine said...

While I listened to your Housewife's Radio, I watered all my flowers, swept the front porch and trimmed my roses. Listening to you while working is almost like NOT working. It goes quickly.

What a comfort to have you share your thoughts to us. Sometimes it feels overwhelming and very lonely. But when I stop by and listen to you, I don't feel alone.

President Trump keeps saying, " We can get through this together.". That's how I feel after listening to you; together.

Lydia said...

Thank you ladies for your comments. I take note of what people might be doing while listening and this is very helpful. We can all get through those terrible times at home, and the mountains of work. I used to dread some of it, as I'd get so behind in everything--having to attend to other social things always put me behind. Add to that the occasional illness, and I got further entrenched. But listening to something always helped me work. Also I used the aloneness as an opportunity to succeed at something, even if it was cleaning up the endless wall to wall books(from the olden days). I appreciate the internet so much, since it is information and education in one unit!

Dianne said...

Thank you for your observation that negative people often seem to feed off of the more positive and cheerful types. This certainly seems to be true! I enjoy and learn from your talks so much. Thank you!!

Lydia said...

Hello Lydia,
This episode was a pleasure to listen to while doing dishes and other things in the kitchen this morning.
I found it encouraging and comforting when you spoke about the positive things one can do when feeling misunderstood and/or isolated at home.
I appreciate hearing that it is okay to enjoy the "comfort zone" of home. It truly continues to be that for me.

Janine said...

I have been wondering why you didn't mention the fires that I knew were near you, and I just discovered that this episode was in my inbox and got past me! I'm so glad all is better now. Your skies were much worse than ours because you were closer...we are a good 40 miles from the closest fire. Thanks for all your cheerful words!