Tuesday, September 01, 2020

An Offering, Comprehension


                                           There are two parts to the video today.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Fabric: Cranston
Pattern: 1980 Laura Ashley
Tea cup: Brew To A Tea


ann said...

What a beautiful fabric for the dress. Very pretty . Ann

Mary said...

Beautiful dress!

LunaMothly said...

That is pretty! I like how quite a few dresses either coordinate or match the tea cups. One day I would like to know how to make clothes on my own so I can truly have control over my fashions.

lynn maust said...

You look especially pretty today!

April in El Paso said...

Dear Mrs. Lydia,

I so look forward to your videos and biblical encouragement, it is so needed by us women in these trying days! You not only encourage , exhort and edify in a loving tone the Lord has given you such refinement in the delivery. I can’t thank you enough for giving of your time, knowledge and kindness for others to grow.

Your beauty shines for HIM.

Your sister in Christ,
April in El Paso

Laura Jeanne said...

I just realized today that it's nice to listen to your videos not only when I am working, but when I am sitting eating lunch, if no one is around to talk to. I did that today, and it timed perfectly with the interesting part about sleds you read from the Eric Sloane book. It felt like quite a luxury, to have someone reading an interesting book to me while I ate. :)

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

It was delightful to have your company while I cleaned my kitchen this morning. Your lovely dress and tea cup is coordinated quite beautifully!😊

I remember homeschooling with the Abeka reading and comprehension speed drills. The short entries were extremely interesting and we certainly learned a lot in just reading these quick 3 minute paragraphs. I actually still read them now and again just for the sheer enjoyment!

It is so essential for younger mothers to listen in on these broadcasts since you break down sequentially what is most important for getting off to a good start with young children. It’s like having a mentor and coach all in one.

Thank you for being here for us... younger and older women alike. God bless.