Saturday, May 22, 2021

Cottage Core

Hello Everyone, 

This week I have been noticing something called "Cottage Core."  One of my visitors said, "Oh, I see you have a cottage core decor style."  I looked it up and found this book, above,

I was delighted to see it is  simply the use of hand made and handed down things we used back "in the olden days."  It is very comforting in these strange political times, when the world doesn't know which way is up.  Well, we do, at home, don't we.

Today I am sharing some photos of the sewing room, in which I have managed to put two beds--a daybed and a toddler bed. I kept the children's beds because I like them.

I am planning on speaking to you very soon.



Lynn said...

I love the video you added....and I subscribed.

Kimberline said...

Greetings Lydia,

It has been awhile since I visited your blog spot and you <3 It was nice to see you are still here, encouraging keepers at home to make their spaces lovely and inviting.

God bless you!

Now to go watch the video you posted on cottage core!



Julie said...

I like that you kept some children's beds in the house. It reminds me of my wonderful grandma, who was "cottage core" style as well. She had a twin (or what they used to call a single) bed in her entry room, as well as a small nightstand, lamp, and desk. It made a beautiful, tucked away little guest room and was quite handy as an office too. She also had her easle and acrylics set up in there. You never know when those extra beds will come in handy!

Gail said...

Hello, Lydia. I am just browsing through the latest entries, and do not have time right now to listen to this video, so I hope my comments will not be redundant. There is also something called Grandma Core or Grandma Chic - I believe I have been a Cottage Core/Grandma Core person since I was a teenager, and guess what? The newest generation, Gen Z, really is drawn to it. They are making fun of the Millennials now, with their skinny jeans and all. I just think this way of "decorating" if you can call it that, makes us feel grounded, and, I don't know, cozy! People seem very comfortable visiting a home like this. Here is wishing you and the friends here many blessings this evening.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Isn't it wonderful to know that we are now "in style"? Giggle. I just use what I like.