Monday, May 31, 2021

Voice Version

Hello Everyone,

The video part was no good but my staff managed to rescue the voice part for you. This is even better because there isn't anything to watch and you can just listen while you enjoy getting your work done.



Fran Sousa said...

Good morning Lydia!
I've been watching your videos for some time now and want to let you know how much I enjoy them. I'm truly blessed by all you've taught me. Being homeschooled by you is such a joy! I'm passionate about homemaking and, being retired, I have lots of time to enjoy it to the fullest. I especially enjoy when you speak of and teach from Emilie Barnes. I had the pleasure of ministering with her awaaay back in the early 1990's.
Have a blessed day Lydia.

Rose said...

Dear Lydia, I enjoyed this talk very much. Lot's of good points!
I appreciate the reminder to use things sparingly. This is just good sound advice for any age!
Your idea of turning a story into dolls,etc.reminds me so much of what our family does. The children are so creative and when you go along with it, it opens so many options. Ours named a group of stuffed animals, gave them all a history and my oldest son wrote a little book about them!
Here in Texas, we had the snow storm in February and the children named it, " The Cold War" because of the power outages, lack of gasoline, stores closed, etc.
Now at our house the reference to that two weeks is..."during the Cold War."
We learned a lot through that time!!
Thank you for a lovely talk..looking forward to the next.��

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I missed seeing your sweet countenance and smile.😊Nonetheless, I love listening to your inspiring words of instruction and encouragement. Since tuning into homemaker radio, I have never enjoyed my days at home more!!! Thank you, Lydia.

P.S. I am like your mother-in-law... I truly am relaxed when I wash dishes by hand. I don’t use a dishwasher, and I think the warmth of the water and rainbow colored bubbles are just lovely.


Lydia said...

Holly, the video was all streaky and dark. I thought it would be distracting, but my staff wanted me to save the voice lesson because they knew you can never repeat something exactly the same. But I got the video fixed now and am on to another broadcast soon.

Laura Jeanne said...

I enjoyed listening to this while I made supper, and the last part while I cleaned up the kitchen after the kids were in bed. That's usually how I listen to your videos! I spend so much time in the kitchen, and it gets lonely all by myself. I do enjoy hearing your cheerful voice and pleasant talk. :)

I smiled tonight when you mentioned the book, Christy. I looked it up and it was first published in 1967. I read this book as a teenager in the 1990s and loved it, and I loved it again when I read it in my 30s. Now that I'm in my 40s maybe I should pick it up again! I've heard before that you should read your favourite books again and again over your life, because at different stages of life different parts of the book will stand out and be meangingful to you.

gracielynn's said...

Thank you for another enjoyable video. ( I did miss seeing your smiling face tho )
I always learn SO much from you.
I usually "save' your videos for mornings as I clean up the kitchen & do washing.
Also just having your voice in the background as I knit in the afternoons.
I let youtube play one after another :-)

again, thank you!
Blessings & good health to you & the Mr.

cindy said...

Dearest Lydia,

The other day you mentioned that you wished you had a prize for me - remember? I was your "first responder" :o) Well, I just received that special gift! It came in the form of a new video! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

Lydia said...

Maybe I will get another broadcast today. Thanks, you all, for taking time out of your busy lives to leave comments!

Marianne said...

I miss you but I understand you are quite busy these days. Today I listened again to this video( voice only ) and gleaned so much from it. Thank you for continuing on with these broadcasts. I hope to see another one soon!

all for Jesus said...

Thank you for another lovely talk!
I have a household of 10 right now, and I can get the 'poor me's' while doing my housework. Your talks have given me so much encouragement and joy to be grateful for the work God has given me to accomplish. When my attitude wanders into the 'growing weary doing good' territory, I'm reminding myself to think of the 2 Peter, and Galatians verses you mention.
Your talks have also inspired me to take time for some things I enjoy, but didn't make time for, like sewing or sitting down with a pretty magazine.
Olga Bowman a holocaust survivor said,'Life is not easy for everybody, but life can be beautiful even when it's not so easy.'
What an amazing attitude! 💕
Blessings and Joy!

Mrs O'Sullivan said...
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