Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Thoughtful Times at Home

Early Morning view

Please enjoy doing things around your home while you listen to the message about eliminating stress:


Here are some of the kitchen mats I was showing you:

The old:

New one:



The subject today was how stress prevents us from living our full potential at home.
It prevents us from
believing in the answer to prayer
following a course of study or activity

To decrease the effect of distress:

Lose dependence on the world--quit waiting for politics to settle down
Depend less on human beings to give us relief
Have deliberate thoughtful times
Create a daily course of some kind  and follow it as though you were in a class, from things you want to do, or from books you have on hand.
Get ahead of the enemy of stress by creating your own future:  What you do at home today will make the future, tomorrow, much brighter.
Make time slow down or stand still by focusing on doing something you like. 


becky said...

Lovely listening to you! I got quite a bit done-canned some pork- and cleaned out my very
Messy spice cabinet and reorganizing some cupboards!!

becky said...

Enjoyed listening to you while I reorganized and cleaned out quite a few cupboards-now I’m motivated to clean out the pantry! So thank you!😍

Mrs. M. said...

I got a big job done while listening today. I went through my closet and organized my clothes into outfits...while occassionally doing some deep breathing exercises!😊

Shani said...

Hello ladies, and thank you for the wonderful visit today, Lady Lydia. I rarely comment but listen regularly, and today's various messages were wonderful and like balm on a festering wound - a wound caused by society's ignorance and self-reliance instead of God-reliance. When you said that you went out recently for the first time and came home having decided to stay put due to the things you saw and experienced, my anxiety (that I wasn't aware I had regarding this issue) melted away. Upon reflection, I have determined that I have been forcing myself (an introvert) to go out and about to exercise my independence and to "normalize" 'naked' faces again. We never quit going out during the last year, we just drove further afield to Amish country and shopped in a village about an hour and a half from our home. If they didn't have it, we ordered it online, for after I was kicked out of our only natural food shop in my town for not wearing a mask (do you see the irony, too?), I vowed to leave the 'sheeple' behind and spend my dollars with people who trusted in God over man. The only recognition I saw that indicated the Amish were aware of the "raging pandemic" was a prayer to God for protection that was hung up behind some cash registers. Those are the people I want to bless with my husband's hard-earned dollars. But I digress...

I believe you asked us to list four tasks we accomplished whilst listening to your lovely program (which received a mental 'Bravo!' from me in several places), and here are four of the many things I worked on slowly: 1) watered orchids and changed water in cut flowers' vases; 2) repotted a small indoor rose bush that is struggling; 3) erected the second laundry rack and hung the jeans up indoors as the humidity is too high to hang them out-of-doors; 4) sat on the front porch swing for roughly 15 minutes breathing fresh air (A/C is running non-stop for weeks now) until I began to wilt (the heat makes me ill).

Thank you for these lovely rambling and educational chats you cheerfully provide. I do so appreciate them.
Shani in Illinois

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,
It was so good to see a new post and video of yours. I was once again very encouraged by them.
I worked in the kitchen, washed dishes, and crocheted a dishcloth while listening.
Your idea about making lessons for ourselves with the books and materials we have on hand is a good one for me. I have books that interest me that have sat unread on my shelves for a long time. To keep it simple, do you think it's just a matter of reading a little and then jotting down notes?
When you mentioned your grandson wanting to learn to fly, I thought of my husband who had that desire since a young boy. Even though he did not become a regular pilot, over the years he learned a lot about flying by building and flying model air planes.
Thank you for sharing your time and experience with us!

Deborah said...

I enjoy your stories and encouragement. I was able to iron a couple of dresses, make some smoothie kits for the freezer, and make some salsa for the week. Thank you for the video.

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for this pleasant talk, Lydia, which I listened to while I made a chocolate cake for my son's birthday party. :)

Those potholders are really cute! What a nice way to use up scraps.

Believe it or not, I enjoyed hearing about your surprise sprinkler system. It almost doesn't matter to me what you talk about, but it's just so nice to hear a friendly, cheerful voice talking about regular everyday things for a change, instead of the stressful stuff that I normally hear in the news. My anxiety levels have been really bad the last little while and I really need to work on removing stress and remaining calm, for the sake of my health. Your videos do help with that. :)

Unknown said...

Dear Lady Lydia

Could you please become the first President of the World? The things you mention about the 'you know what' and all the threats coming from the government (in the US but also here in Europe) are so true and honest; it touches me. I have a 23 year old daughter who has autism but just found her first job as a cleaning lady in a home for elderly people which she loves and she is really blooming. Here in Belgium they are going to force employers in health care (everywhere soon) to take 'the you know what' but we are so afraid of it for what it will cause to her health... As a mother that is pure horror...
But I want to end this comment in a positive way by telling you that every night around seven I take my phone with me in the kitchen, start doing the dishes and play one of your superb you tube teachings. It is pure bliss and I'm beginning to wish I had more dishes to do because I want to enjoy more of your company. But:eureka! I'm now also listening while cleaning the bathroom and while enjoying my cup of coffee. I live about an hour from Bruges and wanted to thank you for bringing the warm American smile into this small house of mine.

Goodnight and thank you(it is now nine o' clock in the evening here and 22°C) from Maggie.

Lydia said...

Money from a job is not more important than life, spiritual convictions, health or liberty. There are a lot of people in the past who made the choice not to work for anyone who required their soul or body to be sacrificed, and didnt know where their next meal was going to come from, but who lived to thrive and tell it. Sadly there are people who believe that when God said we should work, it meant we could do it at the expense of our souls; it meant disregarding God's eternal laws. There are scriptures that talk about this when they say it is better to eat lowly herbs than to indulge ourselves with a rich man's food, if it required you to do wrong. Certainly no one should ever be required to harm themselves in exchange for the God-given responsibility to work. And, if the employers found themselves without employees, they would not be able to run a business. So it is the potential employees who have the upper hand. They can say, if you want me to work for you, its on my terms, not yours.

Unknown said...

Thank you for your uplifting reply, Lady Lydia. I hope this unnatural and dystopic life will soon come to an end. Especially for our children... Am I demanding too much of you when I ask if you could reach me some helpful scriptures for me and my daughter to read, concerning this subject? I totally understand if that's too much work for you.

I wish you and your dear ones a peaceful night. Maggie

Lydia said...

Maggie, the three scriptures I often use are Philippians 4:8-9, Galations 5:22, and 2 Peter 1:5-8 As you read them ask how you will do them.

Teresa said...

Thank you, Mrs. Sherman for providing such a wholesome, uplifting radio program. You help me immensely each day as I go about my tasks. I truly appreciate you and love hearing your stories about homeschool. My husband and I are waiting on our adoption of a newborn baby with Down Syndrome to go through so I am definitely nesting and getting everything ready for the baby. I'm also making notes on all the homeschool ideas and methods you talk about as I will be homeschooling when the time comes.

Grateful in Iowa,