Friday, July 09, 2021

Finding Better Ways to Do Things at Home

 Hello Everyone,  I stole away for a few minutes to give you a short broadcast. I hope you will listen while you enjoy your home today.  The video had a few stops in it (my editor is not here today) but if you will keep listening, it will continue with no problem. 

As always, I appreciate your listenership and your comments.


Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you Lydia, for this calming talk. I have been having problems with anxiety and trouble sleeping, and your talks always help me to feel calmer and focus on what I do have power over, which is my own home. I particularly liked to hear about the ladies who were having a tea party with bombs in the back ground. If you ever come across other inspiring stories of women who knew how to "keep calm and carry on" during times of turmoil and difficulty, I'd love to hear them. :)

Flossy said...

I loved hearing about how you kept church "normal" and everyone were still able to attend and meet.... how wonderful - many churches were made to close weren't they! Even here in Australia - ours have gone to online church etc - so very sad - that is the opposite of what our gatherings are all about I feel. Thanks again for another lovely video Lydia!

Lynn said...

For problems with anxiety and sleep, start taking Ashwagandha.

Lydia said...

Hello Lady Lydia,

My name is Rose and I started listening to you about a month ago, the same time I quit watching my big TV in the evenings. Maybe God ment for me to replaced my evening TV watching with listening to you and getting things done 😃. I've been listening to you almost every day now. You are pretty, calm, wise, knowledgable, encouraging, spiritual, sweet and I can sense your firm.

I live in White House, TN, 61 yrs old, married (42 yrs), 3 kids, and a christian.

I worked outside the home all my life at a boatload of jobs. Whenever I was home for an extended period of time guilt would set in, then I would run off and go find another job and feel proud and worthy again. I always loved being at home, but, felt I wasn't worthy to be a homemaker anyway, because I was so disobient to God and messed up the opportunities he gave me.

Since being in captivity, I've been forced to homemake and love, love, love it! Ohhh, but have I put myself through some metal toil: guilt, money, not doing enough, your not old enough to retire, on and on! Hence, this is where your blog comes in I have become smarter, stronger and peaceful in my home as a homemaker, from listening to you. T hank you so, so much for your blog.

I know there are many homemaker blogs out there, but I am picky as to who I truly listen to and trust. Thank you for being there through these changes in my life.

Your in my prayers. Take care.


DorisB said...

I know that this may seem like a crazy question. but could you explain to me what homemaking is or really means? I have tried looking up the word but i just can't understand it. It feels like homemaking is so much more then house cleaning.

Lydia said...

Rose, sometimes I get the next day's video up in the previous evening, and that's just about when the media reports come out. I"m trying a "good news" segment but it has fallen off a little due to the busyness of my life.

Joyful noise said...

Dear Lydia, thank you so much for another beautiful video. I´ve just watched this one and the other 1 hour video. If you only knew how much comfort you bring to our lives. Thank you for being such a gracious woman. I thank the Lord for your beautiful life. Much love. Maria.

Joyful Mama said...

Thank you for the video. I enjoy my time listening to them. I listen while I fold the oodles of clothing we do. Or while I am cooking. I also love to see all of the teacups.

Janine said...

Such wisdom!!! Greatly enjoyed this. When I was first married I worked and lived in a busy city and somehow I found the magazine Country Woman and loved it. I still have all my old copies. I discontinued after they sold, as well.