Sunday, July 11, 2021

A Little Health in the Home

I hope you will enjoy your home while you listen today on a subject that concerns many of us at home: making it a healthy environment.


Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I took great delight in listening to your last 3 broadcasts over the past 2 days. 😊 I always leave feeling blessed, grateful, and more content in my life as a homemaker. Your astute observation between housework and homemaking was greatly appreciated! Anyone can come in and clean your home; it takes someone special who has a heart for her home and family that truly transforms it into a thing of beauty. Your talks have guided me to enjoy the homemaking journey better. Thank you for encouraging me today.


P. S. I have noticed the same lack of quality in the present day “ Country Woman “ publications. I am certainly glad I retained several of my older copies. 😏

Toni said...

I appreciate the reminder that we can do all to the Glory of God-even the small things, like making tea & sandwiches.
This very morning, I was feeling like I wasn't making a mark on the world in any significant way and was quite discouraged. I was also being hard on myself and very judgemental of myself.
I'm so encouraged when you include in your talks anything addressing empty-nesters or ladies living alone.
I am married, but my children are adults living in far away states, and I have no grandchildren. This is a very trying season of life, as I feel unmoored from purpose. You remind me that with God and for God, I have purpose, it is just a different focus than what I expected.
Thank you.

Laura Jeanne said...

What a cute tea cup!

I think the most important point you made in this talk was that our homes should be a special, almost sacred, place of rest and comfort and that we shouldn't allow the outer world to intrude in upon it. This is so difficult, especially in troubled times, but in those times it is the most important. Thank you for this reminder.

Janine said...

Wonderful, as usual! Thanks! I ditto everything the previous commentors have said.

Unknown said...

Dear Mrs Sherman,

I'm so glad I came across your videos. They are a real treat!
Thank you for so much wholesome and Godly content and inspiration.
I spend a good bit of time with my grandchildren and have always done a lot of creative play. I decided to take you up on doing it in a grandiose style! As we went to the booking agent to get out tickets to fly to Miami and also to board the "Royal Supreme Cruise Liner" my granddaughter almost "rolled her eyes" but caught herself as she has been taught that isn't polite and said something like "Nana, I'm not sure about this. Well, after going to the agent and seeing online our ship, room and destination, she was all in (that is an understatement)!
We had a glorious time taking part in all the ship activities as well as visiting the islands and such! It is so nice to find a likeminded "teacher" online!

Lydia said...

They learn quite quickly not to say anything like “ this isn’t a real ( tea room, train, Inn, ) because I can always withdraw the real scones and jam.

Homemaker's Heart said...

Thank you for your video. I am always grateful of your reminder to create a course for ourselves, and to keep in mind to not make what we learn into a "chore" or a task to make many to sell. That is very hard for me, and I don't know why. Though your words of wisdom remind me of something I read last year: that each day we should do something that will engage our mind, stretch our body, and lift our spirits. I forgot until now. Thank you so much.

PS Ladies of long ago, in my older homemaking books, took down their curtains and dipped them in water and re-hung them. Letting the air blow through and cool the room. Since I am like you and don't want to take down my curtains, I use a skirt bottle and spray them. I also would use that method on my bedsheet at night. It makes it wonderfully cool as I lay in bed and drift off to sleep. {{Hugs }} Dee