Wednesday, July 28, 2021

What You Control at Home

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Please enjoy your life at home while you listen to the broadcast today:


McGuffey Reader (1839) #4 (reprint) Christian School Edition
Susie's Composition

Strawberry apron: Hobby


Laura Lane said...

Hello lady Lydia.

I hope this finds she well.My family and I have spent the last month in quarantine As 1 by 1 we all got Covid. But God took care ❤ of us and all are well now.

My home shows the neglect it received over the last month.I am slowly regaining my strength and I will catch up with housework in time.

I chopped vegetables and put chicken soup on to simmer as I was listening today. I also put a pound of pinto beans, half an onion and garlic powder in the crockpot. I usually use fresh garlic, but found we were out. I'm making refried beans for tomorrow. Might as well do what I can while in the hot kitchen.

The book you spoke of, Better Late than Never, was one I read back in the nineties when I began homeschooling. I believe the author was Raymond Moore.

I listen to you often while I work about the house. I think I have gone back and listened to nearly all of the videos. It really does help me feel motivated. Thank you so much for making these videos.

I would love to hear you talk more about sewing. I need to get motivated. I even have a dedicated table for my machine in my enclosed back porch. August will be busy with Dr appointments (Follow ups from breast cancer 4 years ago), getting my daughter settled at college and such. But.

September is National Sewing Month. I would like to get in the habit of sewing a bit nearly every day. To do that, I am going to have to make a goal and some plans to use what I have.

Goodness I am being chatty! I'd better go check my soup.
Have a wonderful monthend.

Sending a hug,
Laura Lane of Harvest Lane Cottage
in southern Missouri

Lydia said...

Yes the book was by Raymond Moore, and was called Better Late Than Early.

Lydia said...

I have a lot of things saved up in my mind to say about sewing and am planning on a talk about it.

joanie said...

I found this very helpful. I have been going through a lot of upheaval in other ways and this stuff going on in the world has literally made me sick. I have felt I had no escape from stress. I used to not pay a bit of attention to news - I knew not to. But when the virus came I needed to find good sources of info to determine how concerned I needed to be and I was grateful to get your recommendations. Well, as things quickly grew insane in our country I felt I needed to understand some of that and so I joined Telegram and created a list of people I trusted for information about varying topics of concern. The election stuff, the virus stuff, and on and on. An autoimmune condition I have that used to be under control flared up worse than ever before and I realized it was more the stress of this news than what I was or wasn't eating. I told myself to cut the news back, but where? How? I have a handicapped son who needs certain foods and going to the store all those months with the announcements blaring about required masks when we were not wearing them, made me sick to my stomach every time. There were tables and tents set up with people to stop me and force me to put on a mask. They never forced me, so all that worry for nothing. But I saw horrible thing on the news and I was scared. I did get kicked out of one store but I wrote the owner and he apologized and invited me back. So, now it starts again and here I am in knots. Where will I get food, will they take my son away if we don't vax and on and on. Listening to you snapped me back into rationality. I know the news' job is to create interest by way of fear and concern. I was keeping up with some to be supportive of the tremendous efforts of some people fighting so hard, but God called me to care for a son who not only needs physical care from me, but mental and emotional care. I need to just stop it all and be like I used to be. We are looking for alternative places to get some of our food, but if I really trust God, I realized just now, I should step out in faith and turn off the news. I can't change any of it. It is like watching a show that keeps you on the edge of your seat - one day things look hopeful as certain heroes blast some truth and the the next day the courts throw it out or some immoral person claps back and is honored for it - making it seem like the people who want to do perverted things are the majority. The stress is literally killing me and I have to pull away and do something constructive. I am so glad I watched your video. You gave me a few ideas about finding something fun to do. My son has such imagination, but I tend to clamp it down. He is 30 and looks very young. He struggles with language, too. I want - and he wants - people to treat him like an adult, so I don't care if he decides to have a theme he wants to enact with clothes at home as long as he doesn't want to wear it out. But I tend to discourage it. I am a fuddy duddy. I'll work on it.


Lydia said...

Joanie Times like these give us an opportunity to practice the Biblical reminder to renew our minds and glorify God in our bodies. It is a maxim worth defining, with a meaning worth sifting to see what it entails.

Lydia said...

Well if we want to dress up and have a Pioneer Day at home, it’s still more sane than some of the media staged events!

joanie said...

How true. It is like the Twilight Zone, only worse.

Janet W. said...

Lydia, I love your new apron!
Did you know that all the fabrics in the home decor section of the fabric shops offer the pretty and tough material to make sturdy aprons with? They are so tough but flexible that I’ve worn mine out to garden in and even pick blackberries in. If you choose a print that is busy, stains don’t even show up.
You could even choose colors and prints to go with your pretty dresses.
Keep showing your dresses and aprons also keep “Homeschooling us”, I am getting a great education!
Janet W.

Laura Jeanne said...

I really like your new apron - it covers your dress nicely. I can never understand those aprons with a very small upper part, or even worse, the aprons that only cover your bottom half - when I am cooking I splatter sauces all over my shirt, so I need an apron that will keep me from ruining my clothes. :)

I listened to this talk while I assembled a lasagne for supper, and while I cleaned up the kitchen. My favourite part was when you read to us from the McGuffy Reader. I always love it when you do that - those old books are so charming.

Since you speak so often of creating courses of learning for ourselves, Lydia, I wanted to recommend a book to your followers, which I first heard of on the Aiken Gardens blog. It's A Year in Flowers: Designing Gorgeous Arrangements for Every Season, by Erin Benzakein. This book is an absolutely beautiful hardcover filled with gorgeous photos of floral arrangements, but it is also a complete course in floral arranging, divided into seasons. What I especially like about it is that it teaches us to use unusual kinds of materials in our floral arrangements that most people wouldn't think of. I wish I didn't have to bring this book back to the library already because I know I could learn more from it; but I'll have to take it out again. It's a new book from last year, so many library systems will have it. Just thought I would mention that!

Lydia said...

I’m a softy for books and will search for this!! I love the concept of doing a lesson a day or a week or a month at home in a subject of some sort. If the book or magazine does not have it, then I can make up assignments.

Lynn said...

Love your new apron....and the tea cup really does go with the design on your dress fabric...