Thursday, October 07, 2021

Five Minutes of Quiet

Please enjoy your home while you listen today:


I talked about using natural, free things , in different ways.

Today I shared another brown paper (found inside of packages in your mail) idea,

and suggested it could also be painted and used for other things.

Other things I discussed:

Balancing any tension you feel, with humor.
Sitting outdoors or walking can reduce the tension of fitness and allow us to experience other good things.

As always, I would like all 20 of my loyal viewers to know that I value your visits and appreciate your encouragement.


Unknown said...

It is always a treat to listen to your talks while I clean, rest, homeschool, garden or take tea. Thank you for being such good company.

Andrea G. said...

Hello Mrs. Sherman,

Your line about all 20 of your loyal listeners made me chuckle and want to comment. I have now been reading your blog for years and really appreciate your encouraging posts; I’ve just never commented. It’s funny, but because I like to read so much I was initially disappointed when you switched to doing more Homemaker’s Radio. Now, I’ve really come to look forward to it-it’s nice to have something pleasant to listen to while I’m doing things around the house. The other day, your company was so nice to have for two hours (I was catching up on your last two posts) while I painted my son’s bedroom. I dread painting but you made it a little easier, so thank you so much for that! I have to say, I also appreciate when you mention “the war.” I know you try to avoid it a lot, but it makes me feel better to know that there is a like-minded person out there and I’m not alone in my stance on certain things.

Hope you have a wonderful day and thank you again!


Flossy said...

Awwwwww thank you lovely Lydia - we all appreciate you so much!! cheers from crazy Aussieland!! :)

Laura Lane said...

Hello Miss Lydia,
I listened to you as I was washing dishes and cleaning countertops today. I always enjoy your visit!
Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

Lydia said...

Laura, first comment!! Thank you.

Paula K. said...

Dear Mrs. Sherman,

Thank you so much for Homemaker’s radio. I really look forward the videos as they take my mind off of certain political and cultural topics. I have especially liked this book you have been reading from about Jane Austen as I am a fan of her work.

Blessings to you,

Lydia said...

Paula, thank you. Hoping to read more of it to everyone in a few hours.

Joyful Mama said...

Thank you for sharing and encouraging us. I enjoy your blog and Homemaker's Radio. I usually listen while I am folding the many loads of laundry I do with our household of 8. You keep my company and I thank you!

Laura Jeanne said...

I listened to this video while I cleaned up the kitchen, made a batch of zucchini chocolate chip muffins, and got two small chickens ready to roast for supper. Your videos lately have been such a blessing to me Lydia. I always feel calmer and more content when I listen to you, and less worried.

I particularly liked the part you read in this video about the small town where the people lived long lives because of their habit of visiting each other often. I do believe that friendly social interaction is crucially important to our health, both mental and physical health. It says right in the beginning of the Bible that it's not good for man to be alone!

My grandmother is 103 years old and she still lives in her own home. I probably have mentioned her before. Anyway, although she does have some positive aspects to her lifestyle (like eating a lot of fruits and vegetables) she's done other things that aren't so healthy, like eating a lot of sweets and drinking nothing else but coffee (seriously). But, she had an extremely active social life with many, many friends, that she stayed in touch with her entire life; and she had a large family that she's always spent time with often. I think it's beyond cruel that people in nursing homes today are not permitted to see their loved ones. What then is the use of living if you can't at least do that? And I'm very grateful to God that my grandmother has been able to live up until this time in her own home, where we can visit her anytime without anyone stopping us. (She has never, by the way, been sick at all in the past two years, not even a cold.)