Wednesday, October 13, 2021

"Mandates" at Home


Greetings Everyone,

I have returned from a morning walk, inspired by the previous broadcast where I read about the habits of the people of Jane Austen's era. 

Please enjoy your walk or your work, while you listen to today's homemaking broadcast:

Because my time is so limited, I am not able to edit my videos, or add titles. That may come along one day, but I do appreciate your kind attention , your prayers, and your sweet sacrificial donations.

Today I shared with you an important governor who was just appointed, and what mandates she has imposed for homemakers ;-)

I also kept a running commentary on the chapter "Jane Austen and Sugar" (kept under lock and key).

One of the "governor's" mandates for the home today was to laugh, because laughing is anti-viral.
You people in Australia might enjoy this one, but I think other people in the world will "get it" and have a good laugh, too.

Today's brown paper challenge: hanging envelope to corral the  free papers that come from various sewing and craft supply places. 


Flossy said...

Oh Lydia.... that video of Aussie is a crack up!!! Thank you - I sure needed that laugh... - he's a legend isn't he.... I follow him too!!

Lynn said...

funny and clever of the Aussie....

Lynn said...

You are nicely dressed for Fall....good colors and pattern.

Lydia said...

Flossy, Lynn, keep laughing. It’s ant-viral

Homemaker's Heart said...

Hello Lydia, Your creative wall basket was a joy to see you share. You give me so much encouragement to think outside of the box, or bag :-)

I am taking on the mandates, I already walk (really I stroll - it preserves my energy for the day) after Breakfast for 10 min, and my husband and I go for another 8 to 10 min stroll after dinner. If the weather cooperates.

I have an old rebounder in our makeshift gym in my husbands shop. I usually go bounce on it to give me a giggle and encourage some laughter, since I always feel like a kid when I bounce. Having fun while bouncing is sure to bring laughter.

Good to see you today, and your lovely fall blouse. I have a cozy long sweater on since it's cold here in southern Colorado.

Have a blessed day, Dee

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for another delightful hour of homemaker radio! The talk about sugar was surely NOT sweet 😐 I usually bake with almond flour and sweeten most things with Organic stevia. Sugar, however, is lurking everywhere. It makes sense to be a label reader before purchasing a food item. Lately I’ve been experimenting with date paste to add a little sweetness to some baked goods as well.

I have always wanted to create a little canopy hideout in a corner somewhere… I told my husband it would be for the children that come to play at grandma Holly’s, but really, I want to create a cozy hideaway just for me.😊.

Hurrah for your mandates! I would love to vote you in as Governor here. These I can live with! My walks are part of my daily routine and I often listen to your talks while I am enjoying a stroll. Thank you for inviting us in for another wonderful visit today.


Janine said...

Hallo Guvn'r! I have a lemon and an orange tree and I never thought of putting the peels in my vinegar water to clean. I will definitely try it! I really enjoyed the chapter on sugar and how to cut it out gradually. My son was astonished when someone wanted to put sugar on his strawberries...they are sweet enough, he exclaimed. Got so much done during this video!

Laura Jeanne said...

I really enjoyed listening to this talk while I cleaned out my spice cupboard. This doesn't sound like a big job, but it was! I have a lot of difference spices, herbs and seasonings, as well as extracts, and dried vegetable bits I add to soups...the cupboard was quite a mess but now it is finally in order, and expired products are in the garbage. (I found a container of Greek seasoning that expired over two years ago! Yikes.)

I agree completely with the philosophy of cutting back on sugar and resetting your taste buds. I do enjoy sweet things, but I can't stand most commercial products such as cookies or granola bars as they are much too sweet! The only thing I buy like that is extra dark chocolate, which is more bitter than sweet. I do bake sweet things at home quite often - but I always cut the sugar in any recipe in half automatically. In fact, while listening to this talk I also stopped for a tea break, during which I enjoyed some homemade molasses cookies which I made with half the sugar, and freshly ground whole wheat flour instead of white flour.

The strawberries you had in Alaska sound just wonderful! What a nice memory for you to have.