Thursday, October 28, 2021

Garden Fresh

Please enjoy your outdoor excursion or your indoor goals of the home while you listen today.

I read Jeremiah 6:16, which is a good principle of life to ponder,

and quoted from an 1837 reader, from a chapter about the Bible, the following "rule":

"Read for improvement, and not for show. 
The great object of reading is to improve your minds in useful knowledge,
to establish your hearts in virtue, 
and to prepare you for a right performance of the duties of life."

I also read from The Jane Austen Diet by Bryan Koslowski,  the chapter on garden stuff.

For the brown paper challenge, showed a country style list pad for the kitchen:

I also discussed the problem of indulging in descriptions of illnesses, at times when ladies gather , and being careful to keep our conversations clean, and keeping “ organ recitals “ private with a close relative or a good friend.

Thank you for visiting me at The Manse tonight.

Please do everything you can to have a few moments of happiness at home.


Janine said...

I love the light peeking through the window. Knowing that as soon as I get on the computer to pay bills I get sidetracked by email, I decided to FIRST play your video and work around the house for the duration. Groceries put away, lunch made, dishes done, etc.

About 30 yrs ago I invited a neighbor to church. She said she enjoyed it but didn't come back. Ten years later she began attending with us and commented, "When I came last time and heard the prayer list for sick people, I thought I didn't want to attend a church with so many sick people. But now that I'm sick I understand the importance of having a church pray for you." I realized, though, how the constant illness talk is a huge turn off. Just last week I heard a man on YT praying for the sick. He prayed for them, their families, and the doctors but he forgot to pray for Healing! 😃

Lydia said...

If it is understood to be a prayer meeting and not a time for visiting, that would be good. But when someone has been invited to a Bible study and is hopeful for leaning and encouragement, having to sit through gross descriptions of personal illness really isn’t edifying. I suspect people used to say “Please pray for me, to get well” and didn’t go into too much detail. It’s not the praying that I’m concerned about, it is the constant discussion of illness. It can’t be good for others who are obliged to listen, and who go home more depressed than when they came. As I said, there’s nothing wrong with prayer. It’s the conversation ladies need to be aware of.

Lydia said...

Hello Mrs. Sherman. It is Dee again. I am so enjoying your sharing of the Jane Austen Diet. It a well written book. I hope to borrow it from the library. After watching your latest video, I made it a point to take my dogs outside for some fresh air and exercise in our tiny yard even though it is very windy and our road is flooded. (The tide here is high because of a gale in the Atlantic). The wind is so invigorating!

I like the pad you made for lists. I’m going to borrow your idea! Dee

Lydia said...

The author uses expressions I think of as a bit salty--I don't read all of his opinions. But one can glean quite a bit of inspiration from reading it.

Michell Hendrick said...

I always enjoy my homeschooling lessons! I had to do some errands the other day and stopped by a book store and ordered the Jane Austen Diet. It will arrive on my birthday! I was over the road for nearly 2 weeks this month with my husband in his truck and the beauty this time of year took my breath away. I didn't have any of my usual pains on the trip and they came back once home. It took me a bit to realize the anxiety, and "noise" pollution was back in my life. So I worked in the yard and built a wall with leftover bricks, racked leaves, baked pumpkin bread, worked on crafts, and sit outside and watch the sky. I need God more than ever in my life and I have to work at putting Him in the forefront, I get sidetracked if I don't. Your program reminds me there are other like minded women out there and I am not alone. Thank you.

Laura Jeanne said...

Lydia, I've "binge watched" 3 of your videos today - this one, and the two previous. It was so nice to have you keep me company while I cleaned my bedroom, did some mending on the sewing machine, cleaned the kitchen, made lunch, laid out some catnip leaves on the dehydrator trays, cleaned the kitchen again, and peeled potatoes and chopped vegetables.

I've been enjoying your readings from the Jane Austen Diet book so much. As I am always struggling with my own health, I've found the tips in this book very interesting. Today after listening to the part about fresh air, I forced myself outside for a bit even though it was cold and breezy. I harvested some herbs to dry for winter.

I also wanted to say that I too have an apricot tree but no luck so far. I think that particular tree is quite finicky and probably doesn't like the cold winter winds on the flat prairie land, such as where I live. Maybe it is windy where you live too?

Thank you for keeping me company today! :)

Lydia said...

Yes it is flat farm land that endures all weather extremes, and a lot of wind.