Monday, October 25, 2021

natural light

Please enjoy your walk, or your work, while you listen:

Today I read about natural light, from the book "The Jane Austen Diet" by Bryan Koslowski .

For the brown paper challenge I made a taper candle, and a couple of little signs for food:


cindy said...

Just had to say "thank you" once again! I appreciate the time and effort you put in for our benefit. Have a great day and keep smiling!! You are loved!

Janine said...

Such great information...I'm definitely putting this book on my Christmas wishlist. It really made me think about a few things. We've been trying to turn off electronics by 9. I always cover my clock with a velvet cloth each night and it helps. Maybe I can convince hubby to go for a quick late night walk! Loved your creative candle!