Friday, October 22, 2021

A Little Fresh Air

Today I talked about a few ways to keep your mind
healthy at home, including:
give yourself 5 minute assignments for:
reading aloud
fresh air
gentle exercise

For the ways to use brown paper, a challenge I'm participating in with my family,
I made a tag, (for gift or price tag), an ornament and a garland, using a cookie cutter as a template.

Here is the brown paper bunting (garland) craft I spoke of in the broadcast:

 Please catch up on  a few things in the home while you listen to the broadcast:


I thought you would like this picture I took on
a recent outing. I had to get my car repaired and
the mechanic lives way up in the middle of a 
mountain. (We've used this company for decades) The drive was beautiful.


Lydia said...

Hello Mrs. Sherman. I’ve been enjoying your videos. They are so peaceful and cheerful. A respite from the world. There is a YouTube channel that I watch occasionally. You may enjoy it. It is called DinLIfe. In one of her videos, she makes little handmade books using recycled brown paper packaging, corrugated cardboard and recycled fabric for the cover. So cute. Thanks for your blog posts and videos. From Dee in New York, (NOT the city!!!)

Marianne said...

Hello from Alabama, Lydia. Today's video was just a delight! as always... While you were reading about the fresh air I found myself all of a sudden longing to get out in the fresh morning air , to take a short walk in the early fall coolness. I did go out , took the walk and met a neighbor I didn't know before. Serendipity.
I ;love the brown paper challenge - do I ever have enough bookmark?! That will be my first project. And the Christmas ornament idea is terrific.
Thank you again for your delightful video! And God bless.

Angie said...

So enjoy your program! I love listening in the evening after a long day. I was a full time homemaker for 22 years, but now my husband has health issues, and can't work so I have had to go to work outside the home. I SO miss being a homemaker. My husband does most of the housework now, which I appreciate, but now it is "his domain" and I have had to allow him to tend to our home his way. I am thankful I have my own art room to retreat to in the evening where I can still put everything just the way I want it. :) Thank you for bringing some softness into my life after a day of hardness out in the world.

Lydia said...

Dee, Marianne, Angie, I love your comments.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Sorry I am so late in a response to the last video. I truly never miss an episode, and I have never been disappointed with your inspiring nuggets of information. Thank you! I am so blessed to have a woods of my own to walk in each day. Your readings have given me a greater appreciation for the art of the daily walk. It is getting cooler here and the frost has finally diminished the last of my flowering blooms of cosmos, zinnias, and mums. We still have a few leaves left on the trees, but I can see the road through the wooded land during my walks. To every thing there is a season. Have a blessed week.


Lydia said...

Hi Lydia,

I am amazed at all the things you’re creating during the paper bag challenge with your descendants!😁Please let us know what the rest of the family has come up with.

The light in your home( against the aqua accents)was a perfect backdrop for your talk on natural light and its benefits today. I have noticed it is getting more difficult to find incandescent light bulbs in the store… do you agree? I much prefer its soft glow rather than the bright white of the led lights. I have little accent lamps throughout my home that help to prepare me for a serene evening before the bedtime hour. 😌

It is a crisp, cool, sunny day here; I plan on taking my walk this afternoon and probably listening to another homemaker radio broadcast while I stroll through the woods. God’s blessing on your day, and thank you for uplifting our spirits and “brightening”our days at home.😊


Janine said...

Love the scarf and the house garland! What a creative use for a cookie cutter. I always suspected that about sunglasses. My dh always wears them for his "sensitive" blue eyes. My dad, with the same eye color, NEVER wore them! I also slowly changed our bedding to be organic cotton and flannel + our PJs. Loved the reading and will have to rewatch these movies.