Saturday, October 09, 2021

Living Carefully

Welcome to The Manse

Please enjoy your home while you listen to Homemaking Radio today.

I repeated part of the Jane Austen Diet because I wanted to make a few more comments about it,  and also discussed
several other  things. 

Here are some things I covered:
For best results in any crises or distress:
Health and Fitness

Make your own "cottage core" notebook.

Think highly enough of yourself as one of God's creations, to dress up and look as good as you can for your home and family. Think enough of your family to dress up for them.

Dare to be a Daniel
and Dare to be a Deborah.

The "powers that be" are pressuring people to give up deeply held beliefs and substitute "values clarification" and "situation ethics". These are false ways, which make people panic and choose the easiest way out of a bad situation. These deceitful decision making methods attempt to create new ethics according to the situation, instead of applying Biblical values to the situation.  Remember those who took the difficult way in order to be true to the teachings of the Lord, and how they were given care and compensation. 
We are enjoying the "Brown bag/brown paper challenge" to make useful things, artistic things or decorative, playful things from this centuries old type of paper.
I shared my brown paper tassel,  dipped in metallic gold craft paint,  using the thin, brown paper which you find as wrap or stuffed inside boxes that come in the mail.
 I am looking forward to the creative brown paper offerings of the rest of my family. 
See previous post for the brown paper wreath also painted with metallic gold.

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Mrs.O🌺 said...

Well! This talk was especially delightful! So much encouragement and information. Thank you, dear Lydia for taking the time to make these.
I had to laugh at the " new updo yard".
Something that has changed in my way of doing things, is that my husband likes to keep this and that just in case! Well...I have been the queen of throwing things away and I tell you in the past 2 years or so, I have seen the value in keeping things! Whether it is for home repair or improvement or just having supplies to help build up the garden or property.
I share this, because I suppose I too, am part of the messy up do yard trend.
Thank you for the read a loud...I just love it.