Friday, December 24, 2021

Stable Homes More Important Than Stable State Economy

I'm very happy you tuned in for today's Homemaker Radio broadcast, and I hope you enjoyed your work while you listened.

Today I talked a little about the way I fake-decorate a room when it is needs to be changed for a few minutes or a season, without sewing or spending.

 I also expressed a few of my opinions and thoughts about how much thought or worry we should give to the world's disruptive agenda, and tried to put it in Biblical perspective. The Bible gives us plenty of explanation for the polish and perfection of our own character, habits and talents.

In all the seasons and events, I take toys, old furnishings, dishes, fabrics and what I already have, (yes even that old useless truck outside) and add a seasonal touch. 

Please enjoy whatever you find to do, while you listen today.

Handel's Messiah with the words (scriptures) is worth watching:


Flossy said...

Merry Christmas to you and your family Lydia!! We've enjoyed a lovely Christmas lunch together with our son, his wife and our 2 little grandchildren... had our usual cold meats, prawns, salad, bread rolls & 3 yummy desserts and lots of swimming in the pool most of the day!! It's so steamy here in Brisbane but we're hoping for some storms that are predicted later on - they usually don't turn up unfortunately just when we look forward to cooling down for a bit!! Looking forward to more of your wonderful, inspiring videos in 2022!!

Marianne said...

Dear Lydia,
Merry Christmas! I was especially grateful for you and this video today as my husband and I are home alone. We will travel for New Years to be with some of our grown children, but today I needed this bright spot. It is a balmy 70 some degrees in AL and feels so nice to go outdoors without a coat.
So much of your content today really resonated with me and I will listen again and jot down a few notes about things to do or think about more deeply. God is working on my character ! The Messiah is a Christmas tradition in our house; in 2013 we were privileged to go to Washington DC to
the Kennedy Center to hear it live . It was quite moving. Again, Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones.



Lydia said...

Flossy thank you for sharing part of your wonderful Australian summer!! I spent many Christmases in Australia and was amazed how they do it best in all the world!!

Marianne, thank you. I did not say what I originally intended to say. My thoughts broke out of the cell!!!

Flossy said...

Hi again Lydia.... I'm not sure if you're into knitting but I thought you might enjoy this channel that I find so interesting.... it's called Fruity Knitting! Also another vlogger on YT - Inspired by Nikki - is another favourite of mine - have you come across her?

Jenny said...

This was a very peaceful listening for me. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas dear Lydia!

I must say: you are gifted with the talent to decorate any possible space. I love the room you showed in your latest video; I'm thinking of doing something simular in my home in the weeks to come...fingers crossed :)
I do miss you reading aloud from a book like The Jane Austen Diet...that was sooo inspiring and a true eyeopener to me on how to live more slowly and enjoying the little things such as candlelight, a walk in my tiny garden, ...

You are, as allways, in my prayers.

Lydia said...

I plan to read from that book again today and another JA book

Janine said...

Loved this interesting video! Your forest room is gorgeous and homey. I also loved your beautiful, sparkly sweater. So festive! I rec'd the JA Diet for Xmas. I enjoyed listening while I finished cleaning up from yesterday, getting ready for day 2 with my husband's family! I love being at home and having items delivered, too. Like you suggested, I'm learning how to do things better, including caring for the physical home more thoroughly, and am reading The Lost Art if Housecleaning which is both informative and funny. I've always wondered where the word "teetotaler" came from. Thanks! I'm both smarter and more encouraged after this hour. ✨

Laura Jeanne said...

I enjoyed this talk while I worked in the kitchen. I was especially pleased to hear you talk about Handel's Messiah. I have been reading a book throughout the month of December that walks the reader through this work bit by bit. (It's called Hallelujah by Cindy Rollins, for those who are interested.) For each day there is a reading of the scriptures that were used in a particular part, and then you can listen to that part on Youtube or from a CD. I have been really enjoying it as I didn't realize until now that every word of The Messiah is from scripture directly. In this way it actually makes a really nice Bible study about the coming of the Messiah and all the prophecies concerning Him.

The book talks about the history of the piece. I hope you don't mind, that I took the liberty of sharing one paragraph that you may find interesting:
"In 1741-42, Handel traveled to Dublin, Ireland and put on a series of subscription concerts. While he was there he decided to premier Messiah as a charity concert to raise funds for three different charitable organizations. He received permission from two churches to use their choirs for the occasion, and on April 13, 1742, seven hundred people crowded the Great Music Hall on Fishamble Street for the concert and fundraiser."

How amazing that this beautiful work which is almost 300 years old is still enjoyed so much today.

Cheryl said...

Lydia, thank you for this and all of your talks! You bless us so much! Over these last months, I have again let myself get upset about the state of things here in California where I teach second grade, and my daughters and their husbands and two small grandchildren live. I was listening to a talk yesterday about God's gifts and the fruit of the Spirit, and then today I tuned in to you after far too long, and you said the same things! I was getting so down, and causing my husband to feel down too. Not much joy, peace, or faithfulness in particular. So as I have this time to rest at home, I am renewing my commitment to the Lord as the only source of calm, peace, and a joyful spirit in these times but honestly, in ALL times.

You mean so much to us ladies!
Thank you, with all my heart.

Mrs Bain said...

I love the idea of having a Christmas home tour/open house. It would be motivation to get finished with all my culling. I found the origins of the tee totaling humorous.