Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Various Thoughts on the Home

Subjects in this broadcast:
Dignified posture at home
More room in your mind when not focusing on media
Quotes by John Taylor Gatto
History of Bath, England

I also showed the oats from Imperfect Foods, which I ordered, and a tisane by Republic of Tea

These are the waterproof boots I wear in the rain and snow. 

I asked you to find out what the Romans were doing in England in 43 B.C. 
and to look up the meaning of autodidact.

I hope you have a lovely day and get a lot done at home while you listen to the broadcast:


Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Today, while listening, I did dishes, answered some email, made a cake, and rested for a bit. May you have a very happy New Year. Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage, Carthage Missouri

Unknown said...

Dear Lydia, I could listen for hours! Your coverage of such a variety of things so enriches me! So many ideas, so little time!
Thank you.
Your friend,

Christal said...

Lydia do you like the taste of that tisane? I know that milk thistle is supposed to be really good for liver health, have a lovely day 🤗