Wednesday, December 29, 2021

You Do Everything

Today I talked about the many roles of women at home and read from several books 

Please enjoy your home while you listen:


Christal said...

Lydia, such a lovely and fun video, I sewed while listening. Wanted to ask you what your favorite Jane Austen novel is? Have a lovely day🙏❤️

Lydia said...

love the recent snowy photographs. I can't wait to hear about Handel's
Messiah. I love listening to the Look. About a shepherdess style. Thank
you so much! You are so inspiring!



Laura Jeanne said...

I smiled when you mentioned land lines and corded phones as a memory of times past. I still have a land line, and a phone with a cord! My phone doesn't even have a screen so I can't tell who's calling. It makes life quite exciting. I also don't own a cell phone, and never have. Since I am at home most of the time, I haven't yet felt that it was necessary for me, although there is the odd time when it would be convenient. I guess I am living in times past. :)

Anonymous said...

Laura, I, too, have a landline and no cell phone! I'm stubbornly holding onto those old ways...;) and no screen either for the phone ...

Homemaker's Heart said...

Hello Lydia, I always love Mondays. You and I do a basic weekly house clean: watering plants, swiffer the floors, trash, clean out papers & magazines, etc. I get it done without much thought, except what you are sharing.

I wanted to share on two things today. The first being that the homemaker does the planning. Since it's just my husband and I now, and he is newly ordained a Deacon in our church, our calendar has gotten VERY busy the past few months. So, I started a list the past couple weeks, of all those things I wish I would have been more attentive too this past year, and what strategy I am going to approach them. Since both of our grown children live a bit of distance, and are busy with their families, I am trying to devise a way to see or spend time with them. So I spoke to them and came up with a plan. That went on the calendar for January (one is your idea of Zoom with them.)

Then my mother in law, to spend more time with her and invite her here, since she is aging she enjoys spending time with my husband. That went on the calendar too. Next came our date nights, if we don't plan it...we don't get time together. So date nights and such went on the calendar. Then finally, I like to put "Outing" on one Saturday a month so I can make sure to get out and see or do something fun with my husband. Again, we can go months without an "adventure" as I like to call them.
Since his evenings and church services are busy, I must take the time to plan our calendar and family cards/gifts. Boy, I feel like my year just got busy!

I am so grateful for you speaking about that. It helps me to remember this is one of the joy's of homemaking and a sense of comradery with other housewives.

Also, Thank you for teaching about centerpieces and what they are for. I stopped, looked at ours and thought "oh my! I need to put some creativity in that!" :-)
Hugs to you and wishing you a Happy & Blessed New Year.

Homemaker's Heart said...

Hi Laura Jeanne and Gigi, we have a land line too. With what I call a "piggy tail cord". I still have a flip phone, though the way folks can take pictures and email them makes me really think about changing.
I tend to hold on to old ways, though my husband loves all things new. It makes life interesting.