Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Making Home History

Hello Dear Ones,
I'm so grateful that you dropped by.  I'm trying to get here more often to leave something to listen to while you go about things at home. I want to leave something meaningful for  good mental nourishment.  We all want that at home, do we not?
Above: You rarely see the back area of The Manse, so here is another photo, showing all the wildness that I've been unable to control. 

Today I spoke about how an author who was researching history of  a previous generation found a lot of information left behind. consisting of  household items. Perhaps another time I will discuss things like pictures, letters, diaries, recipes, personal routines, worship, etc. which also reveal history of the home.

Today I showed a couple of these crocheted pieces which were attached to plain pillowcases. This one was made by my Great Grandmother Lily, born in 1872. She made this  set for her granddaughter's wedding in approximately 1959. The  cotton  fabric still feels rough and sturdy. Made before permanent press, it is still very smooth.  

I saw this scene this morning and thought it looked like a painting, with castles in the background. I live in a farming area surrounded by hills and mountains, called a valley, and of course there is nothing historic to speak of, so I make up the castles, and remember people plowed this land long before I was here. That's still history. I will be going on my stroll soon and maybe take a little sketch pad with me.

Valerian grows wild around here; also called Keys of Heaven. It grows around old church buildings where this is a concrete and gravel. I managed to transplant some of it in front of The Manse. Some of it is deep burgundy and some is white; both are so cheerful.

I made this embroidered pillow about 35 years ago, by tracing a hummingbird and a flower, from a page in an old encyclopedia. 

I spoke to you from this room, as you will see in the background of the video. Someone made the quilt for me to celebrate our friendship of 60 years. Now that's a friend, eh?

Please enjoy your Austenwalk or your home, while you listen; do the best you can in the house and out; be your best,  and please make your mind to be happy today.


Lydia said...

Dearest Lydia,

So happy to have your company with me today. I was overjoyed to see you posted another episode of homemaker radio to share with your 20 friends. Lol. To be sure, we really love and appreciate all you do.

I wanted to comment on how so many people think the keeper- at-home has nothing but leisure time on her hands. After I finished homeschooling my children, inquisitive people wanted to know what I would be doing with my time. You are one of the few people who truly understands how much work there is in maintaining a home, garden, and the myriad of other things a homemaker does in any given day. Instead of answering their inquiries with specifics, I would tell them that there is so much to do in my home that I won’t live long enough to get it all done!😉

In closing, let me say it’s really nice to have a kind, like- minded lady come alongside of us with encouragement and inspiration; helping the homemaker to ignore the naysayers and to keep on doing the will of the Father.


gracielynn's said...

Good morning,

SO happy to see a new post/video.
I miss the days you don't post.

Love having you share my morning.

Blessings .

Lydia said...

I think this episode is my favourite!
Carolyn in Canada

Rachel said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

This is and certainly will be one of my favourite videos ever! The calm, sweet tone of your voice telling us the beauty of doing things gracefully, beautifully, with love and without complaining, making all the difference in the lives of those around us, is the spirit of your teaching, the essence of all the good things I´ve been learning from you along the years.

I also love the beautiful plates and other home things you showed. It seems to me that some decades ago, every little item was done to be not only useful, but pretty and durable. I´ve been re-watching some "Downton Abbey" episodes recently, set in the 1920s, and I´m fixing my eyes in every little detail, so carefully done and put there, so elegant and dignified. Don´t misunderstand me, I love having a washing machine, but also our civilization has lost a lot of other things. Things like making Sundays special, as you said, sewing some pretty lace on my linens or dressing properly even if you´re not a wealthy lady, even if you´re only a humble homemaker.

Thank you so much for every post. You make my day!

Angie said...

I don't comment much on your videos, for which I am truly sorry. But I do so enjoy your homemaker's radio. Especially now that circumstances have forced me into the outside world to work. I miss so very much the days of homemaking, and I so enjoy listening to your broadcast during my lunch break! It reminds me of the wonderful days of being the full time care taker of my home. But God has helped me to find contentment even in my present circumstances. There is good to be found if we just look for it. Thank you so much for what you is such a blessing!!