Monday, May 16, 2022

Listen While You Walk or Work: 30 minutes

Join me on Homemaking Radio for 30 minutes while I take you along for a few things to get you started at home today.

Come along for a short Regency walk
and a look around the world.

If you were with me I would let you see these delightful "candles" that grace the branches:

A few spaces in The Manse today:

I read from 1st Peter chapter 3, verses 10-12, which also comes from Psalms:

"He would desires to love life
And see good days...
Let him seek peace
And pursue it."

Simplicity 9198, year: 1994

 Please enjoy your home and yard while you listen today:


Flossy said...

Hi Lydia - I always look forward to seeing you and hearing your lovely calm voice - you brighten my day with your encouraging words & sense of humour..... we sure need that today don't we!!! Love from steamy Brisbane.... it's never going to cool down in this town!! :)

Unknown said...

Your videos always bless me and uplift my spirit. Thank you for taking the time to check in with us and share your heart and wisdom with us. This video inspired me to more regularly write in the journals I keep for each of my girls and to also include some cut outs from cards and other ephemera we receive in the mail from family and friends. There are so many ways we women can spread cheerfulness and share the joy that comes from the Lord!

Mrs Bain said...

Thank you, Lydia for a delightful talk. I am always uplifted and cheered by your posts and videos. I like to listen as I’m doing my chores in the morning or when I’m preparing dinner. Wives and Daughters is one of our favorite movies to watch. Have a lovely day!

Lydia said...

So glad to see you again! Your descendents descending is a wonderful reason for your absence but you were missed. As always, thank you for your insights and encouragements. Your listeners feel the same as you do (just not quite right) when we don't hear from you for a while. You brighten our days and our spirits with your lovely countenance and excellent, wholesome company. I love, most of all, how you challenge your listeners to pray and to seek God and to glorify Him in all we do. Thank you for your video and may God bless you!

Laura Jeanne said...

I enjoyed listening to this shorter video while I folded a load of laundry and then did some stretches. I liked the Bible reading especially. However, these verses are sometimes hard to apply. Some people make it almost impossible to be at peace with them. But in those cases I try to remember the part about returning evil with a blessing. So when someone is treating me badly, I try to think of some small way I can bless them, even if it's just with a prayer. Sometimes this is the only way I can think of to "fight" against evil behaviour.