Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Weather and the Home Atmosphere

Greetings all you lovely home-dwellers.  Today I read about something at affects us very much: the weather, from Eric's Sloane's Weather Book.

Find this at Thrift Books online or wherever you shop for books. Here is a page from the book:

I discussed the way people used to consider a good location or "situation" to place a house.

I broadcast from here today, which is another small room in The Manse. Small does not discourage me in the least. I press as much as I can into it. This serves as a sewing room, paper supply room, guest room, and closet for costumes and old things.

My Regency walk was icy cold but beautiful.

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Mrs Bain said...

I found several libraries in my area have books by Eric Sloane. He has written a great deal and I’m looking forward to reading some his books. One of dreams is to have an old-fashioned pantry with access to a root cellar for storing fresh fruit and veggies. Though we may have the best modern conveniences available to us, I think having a working knowledge of how foods were preserved without them might prove useful.

Flossy said...

Hi Lydia - I so enjoy your vlogs - they are the first ones I go to watch when I see them come up in my YT feed.... you are such an inspiration to me... I miss having my mum, nana & favourite aunties to talk to now they have all gone - I miss their wisdom, funny stories & their uniqueness in my life but you bring something special to my day with your wonderful chats!!! The past few days have been really windy here in Brisbane... but I love it... I open up the house & let the breezes blow through.... just something about it seems to refresh me somehow..... my husband cringes in the corner wanting to shut every window in sight!!! Hehe xx

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Much appreciation for homeschooling us today.😉I am working on memorizing Philippians 4 already and really like that you assigned us this homework. I enjoy memory work by chapters as it helps me to understand the whole context. I also took your advice and ordered a subscription to Victoria magazine this past winter. This publication is of the finest quality. I can almost feel my stress level drop by degrees when I leaf through the pages of massive flower gardens, floral arrangements, beautiful homes, and delectable edibles for the tea setting. Thank you for recommending it to your viewers. My elderly mother lives in a memory care unit for Alzheimer’s, and I take this magazine to share with her. She remains happily occupied while enjoying the outstanding photography. They truly are excellent resources to have in our homes.
It’s been wonderful to spend an hour with you today.


Lydia said...

Mrs. Bain, I was so used to the handed down instructions about storing potatoes that I cringed when someone said it’s okay to put them in the fridge, and that it was safe to use them when they turn green. I had always been told not to do any of this!

Flossy, I was looking up old history about how people used to cope with humidity and other kinds of weather. In the weather book I talked about on this broadcast it said the house had to be a certain location to prevent to much moisture.

Holly. I appreciate that Victoria appeals to people of all ages and that it uses things most of us already have: food, plants, a few fabrics, ordinary things. Years ago I used the features about interesting locations in my homeschool.

Lynn said...

No wonder there is so much 'dust' in my apartment...our building sits in a valley of sorts. The illustrations of where NOT to build a home are really interesting and offer an explanation of my situation. As the saying goes, "who knew"?!

Lydia said...

Lynn, same situation here.

Vintagebeliever said...

I love your chats. Baking an Amish Cinnamon Bread while listening. 🥰

Unknown said...

Your chats always uplift my spirit and help to renew my energy when it comes to living fully in my role as wife and mother, and guardian of my household.
Thank you, dear friend!

Rose said...

Hello Lady Lydia, thank you for mentioning Philippians. Lately I have been stuck on what to read for my morning devotions and this is just what I needed, Philippians, I love the Book of Philippians. I have been reading Proverbs 31 everyday for about three weeks now, which I enjoyed and been wondering where to go from there.
Proverbs 31:17 "She girdeth her loins with strength, and strengtheneth her arms". I have been doing my morning stretches, also.
Thank you for being here for us.
Take care,