Thursday, May 05, 2022


Greetings. I do not like being away so long, but there is a bonus in it, in that I have more news. 

A granddaughter came and shopped my fabric stack to create a beautiful dress without a pattern. She and her mother are working on “ the  patternless dress”  instructions to make sewing easier and less time consuming.She does not use zippers or buttons and makes the garment wide enough to pull over, then fastens it with a sewn on tie. 

There is a yellow dress on this page which is a different style but done without a pattern.

 Her art teacher came over and they painted together.

White lilacs are blooming. 

 Neatening up a few things in The Manse.

Taking time for Austen walks.

Reading witty sayings reminds me you can each write your own. 

The biggest upheaval that is coming to a close is the installation of a washer and dryer that was given to me. It was quite a task getting the old, massive units out, cleaning up the floor and painting walls where they had been sitting for 30 years. 

As you know, the thigh bone is connected to the knee bone etc. and also it is overwhelming what can be stored in a laundry room.  All those items  had to be moved in the living room while the replacements were put in.

Electrical and plumbing problems delayed the process , but everyone was very patient and uncomplaining about the mess. 

The old set came from the grandparents house, and they had it almost 20 years already, so it must have been 50 years used.

This other set is only 7 years old. No dents, no duct tape, no bungee chords holding the doors closed.

Thank you for reading my laundry story. Everyone has one.

 Our eldest grandson came to help us, so I hid away and tried not to bite my nails while thinking of one of them stepping backwards off the porch with the machine. However it went smoothly.

While he is here, he has recorded two broadcasts on one of his interests: ancient history. I will put them on another playlist after I post them here. I realize it may not be of interest to everyone but it might be something to listen to while you go about your work at home. He also approached it with good natured humor and made it easy to understand. I hope to post those two videos soon, beneath this current post, so please go have a look.

Thanks for waiting while I sort through the ruins here and try to put things back together.


Lynn said...

SO glad to hear you have new appliances!

Janine said...

Love all the pictures! The dtess is beautiful! Thanks for the update. Btw, the comments section has changed from blogger, and I was having trouble commenting until i noticed at the bottom of the post "view website version". When I clicked on over to that i can comment easily now.

Lydia said...

Thanks for telling me. I was unable to comment too.

Laura Jeanne said...

Oh my, your granddaughter's dress is just beautiful! I'm very impressed that she was able to make that without a pattern at all.

Michell Hendrick said...

Please thank your grandson for sharing the history lesson! I enjoyed both parts.

Marianne said...

Your granddaughter is quite the creative little lady! Her dresses are just beautiful. Happy Mothers Day to you and all your followers.
I enjoyed Isaac's history talks and made a few connections I hadn't realized before. What a knowledgeable and well- spoken young gentleman.

living from glory to glory said...

Love her ability to sew without a pattern! Pretty lilacs! So happy you have a new laundry room!