Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Athenian History With Commentary and a Dash of Humour Part 2


Our eldest grandson is staying awhile and helping us with some things around The Manse. Nothing makes me feel so vital.

One day we were on a walk to enjoy the outdoors, and he began talking to me about politics in ancient Athens, so I asked him to broadcast it.   Please enjoy your day while you listen.


Janine said...

It's encouraging to hear someone narrate what they've read from history. Very enjoyable!

Laura Jeanne said...

I enjoyed listening to this second part of your grandson's lecture while I made supper. It was just the right length for that! I found it interesting when he mentioned Plutarch as a source for ancient history, because I was reading to my children from Plutarch just this morning - we're reading through the life of Pompey. It's true that Plutarch may have parts that aren't suitable for children. If you go to the website for Ambleside Online (that's the curriculum we use) and go to the section for Plutarch, there are study guides written by Anne White which you can copy and paste to a document and print out (or read from the screen if you prefer). These study guides include the text, but it has been edited to remove anything questionable, and she has also included a lot of vocabulary and explanations which are very helpful. It's a nice homeschool resource and also free. Just thought I'd mention it. :)