Sunday, July 03, 2022

Enjoy Being Home While You Listen

It seems so long since we last visited. 

After several requests from you, my wonderful listeners, I spoke about the courtesy of Thank You notes. I am not sure what the procedure was in Jane Austen's time, but today, such gestures are still important. Extending a thank you is never relegated to the past but is in vogue always. 


Today I talked about putting the world and its hype on hold while you listen to the broadcast.

I also included a lesson on weather/atmosphere and how it can affect people at home.

I hope I stated how nice it is when you can have things around you that you like, and that have meaning to you.

These old pillowcases with crochet or embroidered edges can be used in many ways besides on pillows. Put them on the edges of mantels and side tables, on the backs of chairs or shelves when you want to have a special display, or just to air them out.

I talked about Jane Austen's "Miss Bates" and how we might handle the problem of being cornered by someone who hold us at attention beyond our endurance or availability.

Please come away from the world and its antics, and enjoy ordinary life while you listen:

For those of you that like to  bypass the message, the  “people “ part begins at minute 45 😊

Also listen to the lullaby I spoke of in my broadcast,  by Stephen Foster: "Slumber My Darling"
with lyrics so you can sing too.


Lydia said...

I was so thankful for your company this morning. I took a walk and watered all of my flowers while listening to your encouraging words. It has been a time of too-much outside news and I enjoyed the break. I hope you had a nice visit with your descendants.


Lydia said...

Melissa, I appreciate hearing from you and knowing your activities while listening.

Janine said...

I'm still receiving email notifications. Whenever I see old embroidered pillowcases I snap them up. Most have the softest cotton, and I love to sleep on them. I wear them out, then cut off the embroidery and drape it over the tops if my books as dust collectors that I can wash. If the case is too rough to sleep on, I use the whole pillowcase to drape the books in my bedroom bookcase to keep the sun and dust off my favorite books, and it looks so pretty!

As I listened, I made the bed, made breakfast, washed dishes, unloaded and reloaded d/w, cleaned and deodorized g. disposal, took out the trash, made a lrg salad using my salad spinner, and finished just in time to put my feet up for storytime ��

Linda said...

Thank you for taking time out of the busy holiday weekend to post a video for us. I must confess that I do sit down in my comfortable recliner to to watch and listen because I don't use my phone for internet purposes, but often I do some type of handiwork while watching.

Concerning church dinners, potlucks, etc., I simply quit going to them. Although I normally would take a tossed salad which several others appreciated, I got weary of the seemingly endless prodding and interrogation over desserts. "You should have some of the pink dessert, it's so delicious.!" "Did you try so and so's cake?" "I made _____ and I'd really like you to try it and tell me what you think." "Just try a little." .... One woman, when I tried to say that I had eaten plenty and didn't want a dessert, gave me the oddest look and asked with an incredulous tone, "Why not??? Don't you LIKE cake??" Why of course I like cake. LOL! I just really don't feel the need to have to explain to anyone why I choose to eat or not eat any particular food or food group. No one needs to know if I am on a special diet, if I have a medical problem, if I am allergic, or even if I'd had enough to eat. The church I attend seems to have an inordinate number of people who observe plates and get offended if someone doesn't eat 'their' food.

Lydia said...

This could be one reason some people choose to eat alone. They don’t like anyone looking at their plate and making comments.

Gabrielle said...

Dear Lydia,
I have just begun to listen to/watch your Homemaking Radio videos on YT.
It is a really good point that you mention about coming away from the world. I have come to realize that being preoccupied with the world only causes us to end up neglecting our work as women in the home.
I am very encouraged by the things you share and I look forward to gleaning more from you.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

So happy to hear your broadcast today!! I, too, have had all my descendants here for an extended visit. We finally bid them all farewell, so the timing of your visit was perfect for me to get the house back in order, one room at a time. Thank you for the reminder to do my housework with deliberate intentionality; going at a slower, less hurried manner is helping me to not be overwhelmed with all the work. I am also thankful for the health and strength God gives for each days work. And, as you said, it is a benefit to keep the media out of our homes. It doesn’t help us to get things done with a cheerful, calm spirit when the world is casting its doom and gloom predictions into our private living quarters.

It surely looks like you made the most of every moment with your family. I will be thinking of you cleaning your kitchen and putting your home back in order as I do the same here.😊


Lydia said...

Gabrielle, thank you for taking the time to comment and I hope you’ll come back to visit. I’m planning to post more often . That is, I’m hoping to do so.

Lydia said...

Everyone please note: I added the lullaby I spoke of in the broadcast, so you can enjoy listening. The lyrics are on the screen.