Monday, October 03, 2022

Happiness at Home

Today I read aloud about the source of real happiness. I hope you can go about your household routine while you listen. 

Thank you so much for coming to listen. I always look forward to this time when I can keep you company while you get some things done at home.

Things are going well here at The Manse. 

Please have a cup of tea while you listen today:

Comments are welcome!


Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I have been in homemaker heaven with all the recent videos and broadcasts!! Thank you so very much!! I am so motivated by your talks— they are better than any vitamin I might take to fuel my energy! 😊 I pray you have a wonderful holiday with your family. Happy belated 50th wedding Anniversary!😊


Mrs. Laura Lane said...

Looking forward to listening as I work about the house tomorrow.
Laura Lane

Marianne said...

dear Lydia, I completely agree with Holly!
For two weeks I have been sick with the dread C19 and a sinus infection ;your broadcasts have been a balm .Since I had considerable brain fog during this time I am listening to them all for a second time. Also, as you have taught about character I found the Lord bringing this subject of character to my attention thru many different sources-the Bible, books, devotionals radio broadcasts. I love how He does this!I am also studying Fascinating Womanhood again, which I bought in 2000. Blessings to you and your family as you celebrate your marriage together.
by the way, I love being vital! 73.

D said...

Hello, Lydia. What a beautiful, feminine name you have.

I find it so refreshing to hear you talk and read about raising children with positive, wholesome family values. It has brought back memories of my own upbringing by a stay at home mom. She seemed to love being a homemaker, and taught me the basics of ironing, making my bed, dusting, & vacuuming, none of which I did cheerfully, because she didn’t know how to show love through homemaking or foster a love of homemaking as part of wholesome family values in me.

I recently purchased “Winsome Womanhood” and “Beautiful Girlhood”, neither of which offered a sample page for preview. When I received them, the font style, clarity, and line formatting prevented me from being able to read either of them without undue eye strain. Luckily, I will be able to return them to Amazon for a full refund at no cost.

“The Fascinating Girl” also sounds interesting, and one review even mentioned it had a good font size. I will probably order it, hoping I will be able to read the print clearly. I don’t need giant, bold print; just a font that’s clear, dark enough to see, and with adequate spacing between the lines.

As a 70 yr old widowed retiree, I am just now discovering the love, joy and serenity in being a homemaker. At last…

Michell Hendrick said...

Hello Lydia and ladies,
I am still behind on videos and am slowly catching up. I am loving fall and staying at home. I wanted to let others know that I have a wonderful library in my small town, and I stopped in to see if they had "Cottage Core". They did not, however, all library's can "borrow" amongst themselves and I only had to wait a week to get the book (from Pennsylvania to Colorado!) I was able to make notes on what I wanted and then returned the book. They may not be able to do it for all books, but it has worked for me!

Janine said...

Excellent as always, thank you!

Lydia said...

You are all “ too kind.” I’m glad this is useful to you!

Unknown said...

Thank you for your videos that keep me company while I do things to improve my home!