Friday, October 28, 2022

Weather Tea and Broadcast About Fresh Flowers

Look for the broadcast video at the end of this post.

Greetings  ladies at home. This is for my darling Lilli (Miss Lillian) , who checks my blog every day. 

Some of you remember hearing me read parts of The Weather Book by Eric Sloan, written in 1949. Parts of it explained how to detect weather conditions by the atmosphere inside the house as well as the outside.

My second stealth sipping event was in the weather, for a taste of “Soft Rain” tea. I haven’t had time to be more creative  with the name. 

My schedule today:

-Prep (dress,  2 minute exercise or walk through the house, make a priority list.)

-I know the custom of making the bed first is good, but lately I have pulled back all the covers, opened the bedroom windows, giving  it all a fresh air laundering before putting it  together. I also read about this in the book “Home Comforts “.

Other Things:

-clean fridge, kitchen 
-Sewing, mending
-Walk around outside

In this video I read about the benefit of having fresh flowers in your home HERE and HERE . You can do further research on this to convince you of the health advantages of fresh flowers and plants.

Please enjoy your work while you listen today


Flossy said...

Hi lovely Lydia!!! Thanks for being my companion today.... it all started with me moving one photo frame this morning...which then lead to me moving some pots & vases.... which then lead me to my clothes cupboard.... I sorted through last seasons things and organised all my summer ones.... it's already hot here as you can imagine in Brisbane.... summer always turns up early!! So I had a very productive day!!! And I agree with having fresh flowers in the home..... it really is something special isn't it!! xx

Lydia said...

You have beautiful flowers in Australia!!!

Christal said...

I'm stitching while I'm listening, love the Helen andelin reading. Ms. Lydia do you use vinegar solely as laundry detergent? If so how much to a load? I use infused orange peels in vinegar to clean with, I try to use natural things in the home. Also I tried the strawberry shortcake tea, it's the same brand as red velvet cake, it was very good.

Lydia said...

Miss Christal, I use vinegar for laundry, a scoop I keep on top the lid of the bottle, approx. one fourth cup for the wash and one fourth cup for the rinse, but you can determine what works best for you. I do use a non sulfate dishwasher liquid, Dawn or other, for the kitchen, but I put it in a spray bottle, one fourth liquid to three fourth's water. My spray bottle of vinegar I use for cleaning the glass stove top, with paper towels (they can be put in the garden), and for wiping tables after meals. I clean windows and mirrors, windowsills, bathroom sink, etc although use the liquid detergent for that too. I use the spray vinegar on the bathroom floor and shower curtain, but everyone needs to determine what works best in their home.

Christal said...

Thank you, I don't like using store bought cleaners they choke me up. I can't wait to hear your words on sewing, I'm trying to learn. Is there an easy pattern out there for beginners, a dress pattern that you know of? I absolutely love your dress style, and the florals are my cup of tea.