Monday, February 06, 2023

Respect Your Own Authority in the Home

I am so grateful you are here. I sat in the room where I do my ironing, and talked to you. Iron boards make such nice decorative tables. 

Today I spoke more about:

 ~Respecting yourself as an authority in the areas God has given you-- that of homemaker, mother and Christian woman.
~The phrase "make a difference" often causes us to seek fulfillment outside of being guide and guard of the home, but you can make a difference at home.
~I read a statement written in 1913 about the philosophy of public education written by the business advisor to John D. Rockefeller Sr. 1913
~I read more from Stepping Heavenward, chapter 9.
~On the subject of Princess Cut, I discussed several more things brought out concerning courtship, involving parents, siblings and other people.
~Here is the poem, "Hurry the Baby" the point being--allow children to be children, enjoy childhood, because it is so fleeting and soon gone; let them develop good memories from it. 

I have been changing things around in The Manse. Below: the "ocean room," using Grandma's old chenille bedspread and an ocean picture. 
As usual, please enjoy your home while you listen to the broadcast.

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The courtship movie I have been analyzing is HERE


Shelly said...

So wonderful to have found you. Thank you for your biblical, sound teaching. : )

Lydia said...

I appreciate your encouragement, Shelly

Flossy said...

Hello Lydia - thanks so much for keeping company again today... it's like having an "old" friend with me while I have a cuppa.... I'm taking refuge in my lovely house from the outside humidity and heat here in Brissy..... but we do have clouds today... I'm very grateful for them in summer!! xx

Mrs O'Sullivan said...

After coming to believe on the Lord Jesus seven years ago, at the age of 57, it took many months of His leading me through the bible and opening my understanding, to show me all the lies that I had learned in public education........the biggest one for me was the outright lie of evolution, thank you for opening my eyes further to how this great educational deception began.

Was this Mr Gates related to the infamous Bill Gates by any chance?

Thank you for your ministry. I, as a homemaker, am truly grateful, and I pray God continues to bless you in your encouraging posts.


Allison Martin said...


I was so glad you mentioned Better Late than Early by Dr. Raymond Moore. I'm listening to it on audiobook right now. I wish I'd known about that book many years ago. It would've saved me so much trouble. ;) It was encouraging to hear that you waited to teach your children to read until 9 because I know that went against the grain back then, and would definitely ruffle feathers in today's modern education, but the research has proven true in my experience. I think you're right, that when they're ready and interested, it becomes a quick and easy thing to learn to read. Thank you, as always, for "homeschooling" me today. I gain so much encouragement from your broadcasts.


Lydia said...

Allison, the Moore’s had another book called “ School Can Wait “ which I hope to talk about soon.

Caroline’s Cosy Cottage said...

I really enjoyed listening to your radio show! Thank you Lydia for sharing your thoughts, experience and wisdom

Stephanie said...

Hello, Lydia.

I found your youtube videos that are linked to this blog within this past year and it has been so pleasant! I am a homemaker, mother and home educator. You have helped me so much. I do not have woman in my family circle that is as wise as you. I also share your videos with my sister in law. I listen to you daily or I try to. It really is a breath of fresh air!! I hope to come by and read your blog more as well!

Lydia said...

You are so kind, Stephanie and it does my heart good to know you’ve benefited in any way.

Lydia said...

Kim, I don’t know but all Gates may be related. They certainly feel entitled to put us in their institutions and program us with their agenda.

Laura Jeanne said...

How interesting that the statement about the Rockefeller method of education was written by someone by the name of Gates. I heard somewhere that our current Bill Gates is related to the Rockefellers, and it is for that reason that he became successful, not because he was particularly brilliant. Which, if it's true, explains a lot, doesn't it. He certainly feels it's his special right to rule over humanity.