Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Time, Sleep, and Other Things

Above: From my rock collection

Stealth sipping today:

I hope you are enjoying your current circumstances and have great plans for improvement. While you are doing things around the house, or if you are resting, maybe this broadcast can keep you company.


Shelly said...

Lydia, You encourage me to be the best homemaker, wife, mom, woman of God. Thank you so very much!!!!!!!!! Keep up the kingdom work, sister.

Shelly said...

Also, I had never considered the difference b/t time-saving and redeeming the time. I like redeeming the time better : )

Janet W. said...

I wanted to comment on cleaning utensils placed in advantageous places. Recently I had hip surgery and find it difficult to bend over to mop up spills and drips on the floor. After the dog takes a drink, he leaves a trail of puddles through the laundry hallway so that anyone walking through there could slip and fall. I found that it just wasn’t convenient to keep walking back and forth to get a mop each time to clean up after him, so I placed a dark colored and very abdorbant hand towel on the floor and stood one of those angled brooms on it. I placed them in a dark corner behind the refrigerator, out of sight. Now when puppy boy leaves a drip trail, I reach out and grab the broom and mop the floor with the towel without bending.

Another item I found useful is a laundry cart. My mother used a cloth laundry bag that fit over a folding frame on wheels to take her laundry from the washer to clothesline. I found that with my temporary walker, I can keep up the wash by putting dirty clothes in a laundry basket loaded between the handles of my walker and push( not carry) the laundry from one end of the house to the laundry room.
Janet Westrup.

Lydia said...

Janet I’d love to have a laundry cart.
Shelly, I’m still exploring if there is a difference between the modern time-saving and tge scripture redeeming the time. Time-saving, touted by books and magazines, doesn’t necessarily leave time for leisure because we are on to the next time saving thing. I can’t remember homemakers being too concerned about it.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I am so looking forward to listening to this broadcast as I go about my homemaking this morning. I haven’t even listened to it yet, but I am already anticipating the encouragement and motivation these sweet visits bring to me. Thank you so very much!๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ’•

Janine said...

As usual,loved all your subjects! When I researched yoga I came across chiropractors saying how harmful the poses are, especially for children, because they are not natural. That is why the instructors always go around correcting people and positioning them, because the pose isn't natural... Plus all poses are worship to a pagan god and must be held longer than we do our normal stretches etc.

So what your darling grandson was doing was natural, but he was exercising and not holding the poses in the perfect proscribed positions for a set period of time. My ex is now a yoga teacher and instead of benefiting his body, it has harmed him. Everyone can see this but him because he is steeped in the deception. Yoga poses are not harmless, and in my opinion, they also break the 1st and 2nd commandments. Just my 2 cents!

I also keep cleaning rags where I use them and keep some nearby for all those water drops on the floor. ๐ŸŒบ

Lydia said...

Yours was a very informative and helpful explanation, Janine. The stretches are natural but if put into extended contortions are not beneficial.

Hanah said...

I agree, Janine. Thanks for sharing. Those poses are incredibly uncomfortable.
As for redeeming the time, I looked up redeeming in my 1828 Webster dictionary.
Redeeming-ransoming; procuring deliverance from captivity, capture, bondage, sin, distress, or liability to suffer, by the payment of an equivalent. Paul talks about redeeming the time in terms of walking in wisdom toward those who are without and in terms of the days being evil. We're not merely to "save" time, but it sounds like we're to free our time from anything sinful or evil, anything that would cause bondage. Redeeming time seems to be a matter of character, not efficiency. For example, I may save time by pulling out my onion chopper instead of chopping onions by hand. But then if I use that extra time to go browse the shops or browse amazon for things I don't need, now I've incited covetousness and indulged the lust of the eyes. No time has been redeemed. It would've been better for my soul to chop the onions by hand. Just a silly example, but those are my thoughts on redeeming the time vs. merely saving time.

Lydia said...


Toni Marie said...

Time saving vs redeeming the time. Fascinating question.
We can't truly save time...time is a non-renewable resource and nce its gone, it's gone.
Redeeming time, however, I think, means using time to Glorify God (in all we do).
Thank you for your wonderful teachings!

Laura Jeanne said...

Your discussion about redeeming the time vs. saving time was most interesting. I agree with you that the frantic need to "save time" we saw in magazines and such from the 60s and 70s created a lot of unnecessary anxiety. I wonder if maybe they wanted the women who insisted on staying home, instead of joining the workforce, to to still feel the pressure of being efficient like in an industrial setting. Almost like suddenly women weren't allowed to just peacefully enjoy their days.

"Redeeming the time" in the Bible verse seems to mean to make the most of our time, to spend it wisely. That doesn't necessary mean being efficient, I don't think, it's more like, don't waste your time on worthless things, but spend your time on good and wise things. To me, taking the time to do things it takes to care for my family, is time well spent, so I don't necessarily try to cut corners there. Yesterday I made a birthday cake from scratch for my daughter, and my friend who was over was quite surprised that I didn't use a cake mix. It would have saved time to do that, but it wouldn't have tasted nearly as good, and probably would have contained some unhealthy ingredients too. For me, cooking and baking from scratch is a way to "redeem the time." I don't know if I'm interpreting that correctly, but that's what I got from the discussion.