Tuesday, May 23, 2023

Stress Protection


Hello, Sweet Ladies!!

I finally got here. I still want to come more often. Thank you for your prayers. 

A couple of you have sent me a card or letter in the mail. I will be answering them when the rush is over! (That used to be a "saying" when we got swamped in things to do.)

My friend who is a caregiver often talks to me about personal care, because we are all caregivers and have to keep ourselves well. So much depends on us, at home. 

Paintings by Barbara Mock

This is a valerian plant, but it is called 'Keys of Heaven'  around here, because it likes the minerals in gravel and rock, and often grows around old meeting houses.

Before the broadcast, I was given a fun "makeover."

The makeup artist used
this palette called shimmer, from Physicians Formula:

The lipstick is Pink Ice from the dollar store. I'm not sure the brand--I think it might be Wet&Wild.

In this broadcast I covered the subject of stress from several books.  I listed a few things that shield us from stress:
Before stress comes, do things that fortify the mind and body, daily:

Preparation for the day includes bathing, dressing as well as we can.
Making a list, and praying for success gives us a great advantage over the pressures of daily life.
Gentle exercises protects the body from the effect of stress.
Remember the daily walk and the daily reading, singing, prayer and any relaxing indulgence that builds the body and mind.
I mentioned some other remedies in the broadcast.
Usually, when we don't have stress, we tend to slack off the personal care, and then when confronted with stress, our bodies and minds break down.

"Be not anxious" said our Lord. There is a reason for that command. Stress changes our blood pressure and other things and puts us in physical and spiritual danger. 
This article gives more details about the danger of taking on stress.
The list will make us all realize why we should not take on worries outside of our
own families, or "not on our side of the street."

Please enjoy your home while you listen today:

I hope this little broadcast will give you a sense of peace and that you can breeze through your duties in the house and shrug off some of the stress that ol' world gives you. Mr. S. says taking a nap in his office chair always helps him with stress ;-)
Lydia Ruth


lesley bambridge said...

I cannot thank you enough for everything you managed to pack into today’s video, Lydia. I could not find the link to the YouTube channel where your friend reads the original FW leaflets- but I managed to find it. Janine’s channel is called Beautiful Homemaking if anyone wants to visit. She has such a lovely reading voice, and many excellent insights to add also.

My favourite part of your broadcast today was where you talked about all the things people used to do to create a strong barrier against the Raw stresses of life. I had forgotten them somewhere along the years. I have a next-door neighbour/dear friend who has developed dangerously high blood pressure. We have begun having afternoon tea just outside on her sunny bench every day. I have been sharing some of the ideas of edifying conversation and other de-stressing habits with her.

Many people want to exercise regularly and work on their nutrition- but without seriously addressing the high levels of stress, it will not save us from many diseases and conditions that wrack our minds and bodies today.

Lydia said...

Very edifying, dear Lesley!

Janine said...

I read Cheryl's book when I first came home with my infant and had to learn how to properly keep house. Thanks for the shout-out and thank you to Lesley for her kind words! You took me back to things we did pre-internet. Life was very different then in so many ways. I still read a lot, but with so many edifying YT channels I find myself carrying my phone around to do chores, especially when I'm listening to you!

Marianne said...

Lydia, this broadcast was so full of interesting and useful tips that I shall have to listen again! Yesterday I had you on my phone while i Did many morning chores( including putting on my makeup) so I was a teensy bit distracted. Thank you for coming to visit us!

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

What a wonderful talk and, I might add, worth the wait. 😊I was thinking about the readings on laughter and smiling…I have laughed at some situations until I actually cried!😅Perhaps those tears are God’s way of cleansing toxins out of our body?? Because afterwards, you sure feel a whole lot better. Also, smiling does do wonders for a beautiful countenance. Smiling exudes JOY! It’s a lot cheaper than cosmetics, and it makes one’s husband feel as if his wife is the fairest of the fair. Maybe I read that somewhere in the Fascinating Women’s pamphlets? 🤔

Again, today’s broadcast was a blessing and really kept me working on the many things we do as a homemaker without an inkling of dread. Thanks, Lydia.

Staying close to Christ,

Lydia said...

Thank you, Ladies.

Unknown said...

Dear Lydia,

I really enjoyed your talk today. What a joy to remember walking backward as a child. That really made me smile! I used to use my mother's hand mirror and walk around the house holding it like a plate, while looking down into reflection of the ceiling and doorways. What a lark to walk around light fixtures and over door facings! I guess I was a silly girl, but it sure was fun!


Lydia said...

Dear Rhonda,

I quite forgot about the mirror thing! That reminds me of something I must do again and how it brings a smile!!!And you know how good that is!

Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you, dear friend, for this lovely talk filled with good advice. I wanted to add on a little piece of advice of my own. When I first read F.W. many years ago, I read every single book that she mentions, including Toilers of the Sea. While Hugo's description of Durochette is sweet and inspiring, as a whole this book is extremely bleak and depressing. Spoiler alert:

In the end, the main character (a man who is in love with Durochette) commits suicide. It's an incredibly tragic ending to the book. Therefore, I would advise everyone reading this to enjoy the quote Mrs. Andelin uses, but to stay away from reading the entire book. It's just too sad. (I would say the same about Hugo's most famous book, The Hunchback of Notre Dame - it's too sad. I honestly wish I had never read it.)