Sunday, May 07, 2023

Listen While You Work

Greetings Lovely Ladies,

I have missed you.

My offering to you this week:

Here are the goings-on around The Manse:

A little stealth-sipping near the apple blossoms,

and a beautiful graphic someone sent me. I want that dress and hat, but what about getting the pond and the grasses and trees to go with?

This morning's fog layer. I do need to get back
to making fog fashions. I don't have a cape in every single color in the world yet.

Mr. S. has been on the tractor cutting the over-growth, creating old fashioned
little postcard scenes.
How do you like this tea cart? My granddaughter got quite a number of them at the Goodwill, where sometimes they sell new merchandise, and used them as centerpieces for her tea tables when she hosted a tea for some friends. I used mine for napkins but she used hers like a serving piece with other things on it.

If you have time, please go to My Pinterest and look at all the categories, for personal inspiration. I got the picture of this cute house there. Could I have it for my birthday? Maybe there is a kit I could get to put one together. It would do nicely as a writer's cabin at the Manse over by the laurel hedge next to the old farm truck.

If you want more to listen to, go to 
She has read some good encouraging books and materials for women.

Also, Miss Lillian has a new post up. This week, she has made a circle skirt from a tablecloth. Do any of you vital ladies remember that kind of sewing? I understand people are also making skirts from the holiday tree skirts. Please be sure to look at her blog occasionally: it is on the top of this blog sidebar, called Lillian's Sewing.

Today I listed some things to make part of your daily life, that will give you a good mind-body balance. I was not aware that the battery had run out and so the video abruptly stopped, but I'll try to continue it soon.  

This list for preparation in the home consists of these things, and anything else you would add for your own special needs:
Exercise or Walk
Read, Sit in a rocking chair if possible
Do something creative
Listen to or play music
Work slowly, thinking about what you are doing, and what you want the home experience to be like.
Treat your home like your own resort.

Thank you for your interest in all this, and for all you do for me. It is very much appreciated.

And now, please enjoy being at home while you listen to the broadcast:

Some bonus Listening:
Beethoven's Concerto 4 Opus 58 in G

I will discuss sometime why I think Beethoven's music is beneficial, but in the meantime, you can listen while you work.

Helen Allingham - "In the Garden"


Hanah said...
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Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

I was having a slow living, but more enjoyable cleaning day after listening to your broadcast today. 😊I really loved all the suggestions to make an ordinary day at home a lot more meaningful and purposeful. I was disappointed your video ended abruptly, but read in your post about your battery dying unexpectedly. I also visited your lovely pins and the beautiful homemaker YouTube readings by Janine. I am looking forward to listening to her read to me more in the future. Thank you, Lydia, for all you do to bring JOY into home living through these delightful talks.


Janine said...

I love your insights, and Emilie Barnes books. Thanks for the link to my YT page! I was wondering why so many people visited while I was on vacation, and now I know. 🥰