Thursday, May 25, 2023



Hello Dear Ladies,

The weather was quite nice today and I was inclined to do a little stealth-sipping outside.

In today's broadcast I read the following de-stressing pieces:

From a British book, "Tea and Crumpets" by Margaret Johnson, a page about the prevalence of tea time on trains and ships.
Addressed to single women, "The Fascinating Girl," author Helen Andelin's admonishment regarding personal grooming and modesty.
The influence of women to guide the world through the home, in "Simple Social Graces."
The Jane Austen Diet:  How just two minutes of silence can restore the mind and body.

What I wore:

I also mention two things regarding propriety that the scriptures address:
refinement and courtesy. Both of these  can be developed in the home and will greatly benefit home living.

Since the day is so fine, Mr. S. is 
on the tractor, making the grounds around The Manse look like an
amazing vacation destination.  

I'm so happy you are commenting more because it gives me a gauge of what things are useful to you and what I might be able to contribute in future broadcasts.

Please enjoy your walk or your work while you listen:


It would  be lovely to put you on a de-stress program and let me manage your life for one hour. Maybe one day I can do that online.. However I think you'll find a few things to de-stress yourself,  in this broadcast.
Lydia Ruth


Hanah said...

2 broadcasts in 1 week?! I feel spoiled! Yay! Your talks always inspire and uplift me. Thank you very much.

Vintagebeliever said...

Thank you for another lovely chat.